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Taken by Surprise by the Optoma H30

It is not often that a projector takes me by complete surprise. It is rarer still when a projector under $1500 makes me sit back in awe. But I will say that the Optoma H30 delivers much more than I was expecting it would. This is a phenomenal little product, and definitely one we will use as a permanent reference unit. For novice videophiles on a budget who want a truly elegant image and who can keep their viewing room dark, the Optoma H30 is a terrific entry level projector. After a bit of tweaking it delivered a great deal more than I imagined it would. (see H30 review). It has been added to the Highly Recommended list with great enthusiasm.more
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Changes to the Top 10 List

As you may have already noticed, we have completed an overhaul of the Top 10 list to make it more relevant to all of our readers. As it was, the popularity of relatively few very inexpensive home theater projectors was causing the list to be dominated by these units. Thus nobody could tell what the most popular high performance home theater machines might be, or which models are currently hot for portable presentation use, school classrooms, etc.more

Paint Solutions vs Screen Products

In response to many emails on the subject, we are indeed planning reviews of both the Optoma H30 and the upgraded BenQ PE8700. These are the next home theater projectors in the review schedule.more