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Calibration DVD's

We've received a lot of email asking for comments on the Optoma H78DC3, which many have noticed is extremely similar to the H79. According to Optoma, "the main difference is that the key optical components of the H79 are hand selected to meet a higher quality standard befitting the H79. This ensures that the brightness, contrast and sharpness meets a higher standard than what our component supplier can guarantee. Some of the key optical components include: DMD, projection lens, prisms, light rod, color wheel, condensing lens, UV filter and lamp." We will be taking a closer look to see exactly what this translates to in terms of any noticeable...more

New DVD Store

We are excited to announce the launch of our new DVD Store, which you can access via the button on the left. We call it the Videophile's Ultimate DVD Collection because it has been stocked with titles that are collectible for one of several reasons. Some have been selected simply for their outstanding video quality. Movies like Batman, Lord of the Rings, The Fifth Element, T2, and Shrek look beautiful when blown up and projected onto a 120" diagonal screen. DVDs featuring uniquely outstanding video quality are presented in two groups—those in 16:9 format, and those in formats wider than 16:9. These...more

Black Bars

Black bars--that black dead space that you get above and below the picture when the video frame does not match your screen or TV frame. Nobody likes them. Video material always looks much better when it fills the frame of your video display. Black bars are a particularly serious problem when you view widescreen material on a conventional 4:3 television. But to the surprise of many new home theater enthusiasts, black bars can also appear on widescreen systems as well.more