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Low Cost Unit Reviews To Post Next Week

We've posted two new reviews in the last week, one of the beautiful BenQ PE8720 home theater projector, and the other of the XGA, 4:3 format Mitsubishi XD460U. While the Mitsubishi XD460 is not a home theater projector, it delivers great video and can be used as a multi-purpose data and video projector, subject to the limitations noted in the review. Personally, I really like the video performance on this projector despite its commercial market orientation.more

2006 Will be a Huge Year for HT Projectors

All of the news for this update is in the review of the Consumer Electronics Show that just wrapped up a few days ago in Las Vegas. Read through the review for the latest news in home theater projectors. As you will see, 2006 is going to be a huge year.

Many of the products have only partial specs available, and some do not have prices or delivery dates. We will add this data to the database as it becomes available.

Six Model Shootout

We are getting back into gear after the holiday break. The first posting for the new year is Bill's six-model shootout of very low cost SVGA projectors. I must say, I am amazed at what these things can deliver for only $700. We are getting to the point where the lamp is half the cost of the projector.more
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