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A Beautiful Model

We have just posted a new review of the Samsung SP-H710AE. This is one of the units that Joe Kane helped to develop, and it definitely has his fingerprints on it. This is a beautiful model with a variety of features that will appeal to the videophile looking to allocate about $4,000 for a projector. It isn't for everyone--but then no projector is, which is why there are so many of them to choose from.more

Optoma HD 72 a Model of Performance

Normally when we complete a review we pack up the projector and return it to the manufacturer. However, on occasion we find models that we wish to retain and use as reference models against which to compare the performance of other units. After having posted the review of the Optoma HD72 we quickly realized we did not want to return it quite yet. The image quality of the HD72 is truly outstanding for $2,000.

We have now moved on to two more interesting models. One is the Samsung SP-H710AE. This is one of the units that Joe Kane helped to develop, and it is quite a fascinating projector.more

Optoma HD72 Review Anxiously Awaited

We have just received three more newly released projectors. As of this writing we are just now getting them lit up for the first time. Among the models that have just arrived is the Optoma HD72, which has already created a lot of market interest. This 1280x768 resolution DLP unit is rated up to 5000:1 contrast, and sells for very aggressive street prices (contact Optoma dealers for details). Many regular readers are understandably anxious to see this particular review, and we hope to have it posted by no later than next week.
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