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Rainbow Artifacts

We've got quite a few reviews underway. Those closest to posting at the moment are the InFocus Play Big IN76 and the Optoma HD7100. However, the review of the SXGA+, high resolution 4:3 projectors is underway as well. If all the equipment arrives on schedule, this review will include the new Canon SX60, the Optoma EP910, the projectiondesign evo2sx+, as well as another look at the Dell 5100MP which has been on the market since last August.more

The Ideal Solution

Well, first off, thanks kindly to all of you that wrote in during this past week to express your thoughts on the 4:3 issue. The feedback was enormously helpful. Not only that, but it was overwhelmingly in favor of our researching and commenting more on native 4:3 options for home theater and digital photography. We certainly intend to do this.more

A Personal Affinity

If you read this site with any regularity, you may be aware that I have a personal affinity for large format 4:3 video presentation. That is due to my own particular interest in old classic films which were all produced in 4:3, or very close to 4:3, prior to the early 1950s. I enjoy viewing, say, Casablanca, on a very large 4:3 screen, just the way original audiences experienced it in commercial theaters back in 1942. And today's 16:9 home theater projectors are not designed to do this. On a 16:9 widescreen system, the classic films lose a lot of their dramatic potential when presented in the center of the screen with black side columns.more
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