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SXGA Reviews to Appear Next Week

Many of you are anticipating the coming reviews of the SXGA+ resolution projectors. We are working hard on them and doing a lot of comparative side-by-side evaluations with different sources and types of materials. Included in the review group so far are the Dell 5100MP, the Optoma EP910, and the projectiondesign evo2sx+.more

Important Follow-up Observations

In the HD-DVD article posted on Friday, we noted some apparent incompatibilities between the Toshiba HD-A1 player and three Optoma models as well as the Viewsonic Cin1000 and the projectiondesign evo2sx+. We have two important follow-up observations.

First, there is good news for owners of the Optoma HD72. When using this projector, the Toshiba HD-A1 will attempt to establish a connection, then report an "HDMI Error 0" on its status diplay. However, if at that point one clicks the PLAY button on the HD-A1's remote three times in quick succession it will override the error condition, and the HD72 is able to display the movie in digital high resolution with no further problem.more
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Long Anticipated Release of HD-DVD

Well, it has been a wild week in the world of home theater with the long anticipated release of HD-DVD. We were able to snag one of the first HD-DVD players to be sold on Tuesday, April 18, and that tossed our entire schedule this week into a cocked hat. We did indeed finish and post the Viewsonic Cine1000 review as promised, but the review of the Optoma HD7100 has been delayed until we can sort out the compatibility problem with the Toshiba HD-A1 HD-DVD player. It is likely that many users of the HD7100 will want to step up to HD-DVD, and we are waiting to hear from Optoma on this.more

Some Reviews Take Longer Than Others

We have just posted the long awaited review of the Infocus Play Big IN76. For a variety of reasons, reviews sometimes take longer than we anticipate, and this was one of them. Next up in the 720p resolution class will be the Optoma HD7100, and with any luck we'll get it posted next week. Also coming next week will be a review of the entry level Viewsonic Cine1000, for those on budgets under $1,000.more