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DIY Screens

With high quality home theater projectors dropping below $2,000, and impressive entry level units going below $1,000, more people than ever are looking for less expensive alternatives for home theater screens. Many creative do-it-yourselfer's have come up with great ideas that save a lot of money. So we decided to create our own and see how well our DIY solution could compete with the Stewart Grayhawk RS. We spent less than $100, and less than a morning's labor putting it together from materials available at local stores. Click here for the story.more

Setting the Price-Performance Standard

We have just completed and posted two of the four SXGA+ reviews in the schedule. In our opinion, the Optoma EP910 is a remarkable accomplishment that sets a new price/performance standard in the SXGA+ category (see review). Meanwhile, the aggressively priced Dell 5100MP represents an exceptional value in being the first of the SXGA+ projectors to go under $3,000 (see updated review).more