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Bly-Ray Not Living Up Expectations

As anyone who has been online the last few days knows, there is a widely reported story that Samsung has announced the presence of a defect in their Blu-ray player, the BD-P1000. The word is that there is an error in a default setting in the player's noise reduction chip, and it is this error that produces the softness in the image that we and other observers have been commenting on. According to the story, Samsung will issue a firmware update to correct the problem, most likely in September.more

New Product Release Activity

There is quite a lot of new product release activity going on in the 1280x768 WXGA format. Overall, this is still a relatively rare format in the projector world with less than 20 models featuring it. But among the latest arrivals are the Mitsubishi WD2000U, the Optoma EP1690, and even the little 4.4 lb Boxlight Broadview, which is the first projector in this resolution to go under five pounds. We are spending a lot of review time with these units this week, and will get comments/reviews posted on them as soon as possible.more

Attending Blu-Ray Presentation

Many of you are closely watching developments in the face-off between HD-DVD and Blu-ray, the two competing high definition formats representing the future of disc-based digital video storage and playback. We have been experimenting with both formats since they were released, and have formulated some initial impressions, as follows:more