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Anamorphic Stretch Capabilities

The Sanyo Z2000 review has stimulated a lot of questions which we are trying to get to. One of them was regarding confusion over the anamorphic stretch capability of the Z2000. Apparently other reviewers are saying the Z2000 has it. I said it didn't, without any further clarification.

The fact is that the Z2000 does not provide an anamorphic vertical stretch mode with HD signals, either via HDMI or component. However, if you want to feed the projector 480i or 480p, then the Zoom mode will in fact accomplish the stretch for you. Of course, nobody in their right mind would spend all the extra money for an anamorphic lens and 2.35 custom screen, just to end up feeding that whole rig a 480 signal. So practically speaking, the Z2000 does not provide anamorphic stretch capability in any usable manner.

If you don't know what we're talking about, it is probably not relevant to you. The only time you'd ever need an anamorphic stretch mode on your projector is if you want to install a 2.35:1 Cinemascope widescreen system, and pay big bucks for an external anamorphic lens. Most people looking to spend in the low $2,000's for a 1080p projector will be quite happy with a conventional 16:9 format screen, and wouldn't ever use the anamorphic stretch mode even if the projector had it.

We've received many questions regarding the relative brightness of the Panasonic AE2000 and the Sanyo Z2000. We have also had a number of inquiries about how each of these units perform with 1080p/24 signals. We will address those issues in the upcoming review of the AE2000, which we still hope to post on Friday.
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