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Shootout Requests

We just posted the review of the Sony VPL-HW10 earlier today. Overall, a great product from Sony with one of the brightest video optimized pictures we've ever seen. Several requests have already come in for a shootout between the Sony HW10 and the Panny AE3000. We will have that posted no later than the middle of next week.

Also, as promised, we've been able to go back and add 5-star ratings to each of the 1080p models we've reviewed so far this fall. See each of the reviews for details. More comments will be forthcoming on these ratings as we discuss the relative merits of the projectors coming to market in the weeks to come.

The Optoma HD806 arrived and it is now in review. That review will be posted later next week.

In addition, frame interpolation is going to become a very big issue in the months to come. What is the big deal? Stay tuned for an article on the subject to be posted no later than this coming Tuesday.

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