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Innovative NEC

I was hoping to have the review on the Mitsubishi HC2 Colorview posted today. I am liking this unit more than I thought I would, and want to spend some more time with it over the weekend before posting the final review. Please look for it later Monday afternoon.more

Great Value Among Hi Res DLP

The review of the BenQ PE8700 has just been posted. If you are looking for great value among high resolution DLP products, this is a beauty. We are adding it to the Highly Recommended list.

We've had a number of requests for comment on the Mitsubishi HC2 Colorview. After seeing it I understand why. That unit produces remarkably good video for a standard SVGA LCD product. We will get that review posted by Friday.more

BenQ PE8700 Review Forthcoming

I was hoping to get the review of the BenQ PE8700 posted today. We've been working on it all week, and the projector is looking really good. We are just waiting for responses from BenQ engineering on a couple of technical points, and it appears we won't have that info until Monday. So the review on this unit will go up on Monday afternoon.

We've had a number of requests for comment on the Mitsubishi HC2 Colorview. After seeing it I understand why. That unit produces remarkably good video for a standard SVGA LCD product. We will get that review posted next week also.

CEDIA Overview Posted

This week we've been heavily involved in CEDIA follow up activity, arranging for review units and getting more details on the products announced. This is an exciting time in the business. For an overview of this year's CEDIA show, click here.

There has been a special offer on the NEC HT1000 underway recently that includes an optional anamorphic lens. How many people know what an anamorphic lens is? Not many, based on the emails we've been getting. So just posted is a new piece entitled What is an anamorphic lens?more

A Bargain Hunter's Dream

In a word, this year's CEDIA trade show was TERRIFIC. A truck load of new projectors were unveiled, and it has taken all week to write up the show and get the new models added to the database. Since these are newly announced units, many specs are preliminary or missing. So please bear with us (and with the vendors) -- we will post updated specs and pricing on all new models as they materialize. If they aren't there at the moment, it is because they have not been published yet.more
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Heading to CEDIA

I am leaving tomorrow morning at dawn for Indianapolis, Indiana. Why? I haven't seen the corn harvest in many years, and I thought it was about time to get back to my midwestern roots. Also, the CEDIA trade show is happening there over the weekend. I will be back in on Monday with a stack of notes on the goings on at this 800-lb gorilla of home theater trade shows. So various updates will happen next week. Stay tuned.more
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A Whole New Concept in Projector Design

We are still working on the review of the Studio Experience Premier 50HD. I was hoping to get it up by today, but it's not quite complete. It will be up after the holiday weekend.more

HT Questions and Answers

The recently updated article on aspect ratio formats, Your Biggest Decision: 4:3 or 16:9? prompted quite a bit of email. One of the most frequent questions was related to resolution--don't 16:9 projectors deliver higher resolution for HDTV and widescreen movies than 4:3 projectors? Click here for the answer; it may surprise you.

Another question we get frequently--what is the ideal screen size and viewing distance? I just recently posted some thoughts on this issue that I hope will be helpful if you are planning your new home theater.more

Format Decisions

NEC has just announced performance upgrades to the LT240 and LT260. The new editions are dubbed the LT240K and LT260K respectively. The LT240K in particular will be of keen interest to home theater buyers budgeting in the mid-$2,000 range. Our review of the LT240K has just been posted.more

4:3 or 16:9 Theater?

We get a lot of email asking which is the best projector, A or B? Quite often one of them is native 4:3 and the other is 16:9. There is no way to answer the question "Which is best?" until the buyer decides if he or she wants to set up a 4:3 or 16:9 theater.more
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