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Strong Contender in the Sub $1500 Marketplace

We've just posted Bill's new review of the Mitsubishi HC100. This is the most dynamic entry-level home theater projector that Mitsubishi has yet released, and it will be a strong contender in the sub-$1,500 marketplace.more

Where did the List Go?

Many of you have asked where the High Recommended Home Theater Projectors list went. The answer is that it has been taken down temporarily for updating and adding the new 5-star ratings to each model. If all goes well we will have it reposted on the home page this week.

Also planned for posting this week is a review of the low-priced Mitsubishi HC100. The new entry level DLP home theater projectors featuring the 854x480 DLP chip are making a big hit, and the Mits HC100 is one of them.

We've had a lot of requests to review the BenQ PE7700 and the Toshiba MT700, so we will get one or both of those done as soon as possible. Thanks very much for the feedback.more

A Robust Performer

We've just posted Bill's new review of the Optoma EzPro 739 multipurpose data and video projector. This product deserves a spotlight due to its robust all-around performance with a lot of different subject matter, from textual data to graphics to video. It was not designed to be a dedicated home theater projector, but many are using it in that role with good success.

Next up will be the Canon Realis SX50, the review of which will be posted by the end of the week. Also currently in the lab is the Mitsubishi HC100, which will follow next after the review of the Canon unit.more

Big Screen Forums

We've just posted Bill's review of the NEC HT410 entry-level home theater projector that is now selling for under $1300. This is an intriguing product that has a unique combination of features and video performance. In particular, we found its HDTV performance to be remarkable for a product in its resolution and price class. If you want an inexpensive bigscreen HDTV, and you are not bothered by rainbows on DLP projectors with 2x speed color wheels, the HT410 could be an ideal choice for you.more