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New Projector on Highly Recommended List

Just a quick update for you noticed if you saw the home page or subscribe to our email alerts, we posted the review of the Optoma HD7100 earlier this week. This is an impressive home theater projector in terms of image quality, with some lensing limitations that restrict how it can be installed for best results. But for the money, the image cannot be beat, and it has been added to our Highly Recommended list.more

Peak in Readership

Well, I was doing my best to get the Canon REALiS SX60 review posted by today, but it isn't in the cards. We've been working on it all week, and doing side-by-side comparisons with the Optoma EP910 and the Dell 5100MP (all three of which are 1400x1050 resolution projectors). This extends the review time, but gives us a better take on each unit's strengths and weaknesses. It will take a few more days to get this one wrapped up.more

Some Reviews Take Longer Than Others

We have just posted the long awaited review of the Infocus Play Big IN76. For a variety of reasons, reviews sometimes take longer than we anticipate, and this was one of them. Next up in the 720p resolution class will be the Optoma HD7100, and with any luck we'll get it posted next week. Also coming next week will be a review of the entry level Viewsonic Cine1000, for those on budgets under $1,000.more

Rainbow Artifacts

We've got quite a few reviews underway. Those closest to posting at the moment are the InFocus Play Big IN76 and the Optoma HD7100. However, the review of the SXGA+, high resolution 4:3 projectors is underway as well. If all the equipment arrives on schedule, this review will include the new Canon SX60, the Optoma EP910, the projectiondesign evo2sx+, as well as another look at the Dell 5100MP which has been on the market since last August.more