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Ricoh PJ WX4141Ni Projector Ricoh PJ WX4141Ni
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5000:1 Contrast Ratio
3300 Lumens
PC 3D Ready
Street Price: n/a
$2,550 MSRP

Ricoh PJ-WX4141Ni
Interactive Short Throw Projector

Marc Davidson, July 31, 2014


Low volume. The 2-watt mono speaker is barely loud enough for a small room. If you need sound, plan on connecting an external sound system to the audio output.

Rainbow artifacts. As already mentioned, rainbow artifacts show up often enough with video that anyone who sees them easily will likely find them annoying for long sessions.

Limited image size. The lensing system allows a maximum 80" image size before it begins to show geometric distortion, with a bowed top edge.

A disconnect between features. The two most impressive features--portability and collaboration over a network--don't complement each other. If you need portability, you probably won't be connecting to a network for collaboration. If you need to collaborate, you need to connect to a network, so probably won't be taking advantage of the portability.


The best argument for considering the PJ-WX4141Ni is that you need one or both of the features that make it stand out: portability and the collaboration capability. Even if you don't need either, however, the projector offers a lot to like, with near-excellent quality for data images, video that's watchable for at least short sessions, and a short throw even by ultra-short throw standards. If you need a 1280x800, interactive ultra-short throw data projector that's bright enough for a small- to mid-size room, it's well worth considering. If you need the portability or collaboration features, it could easily be your best choice.

Review Contents: Viewing Experience Interactive Experience Set up Features and Tests

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Posted Aug 1, 2014 6:06 AM

By Abhi

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An excellent projector indeed! Innovation combined with good design from Ricoh.. And at just 11cm from the wall, it is great for very small meeting rooms, and digital signage solutions in a retail environment.

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