Presentation Software

Accent Technologies, Inc.
Create a custom library of PowerPoint® presentations, Word documents, PDF files, spreadsheets and more (with associated media files such as images, movies and sounds). The fully indexed library lets you easily locate and share business critical information within your workgroup and quickly build new presentations from existing content.

Leading supplier of graphics design presentation software packages for PCs and Macs. Products include PhotoShop, Acrobat and Illustrator among others.

Realtime big screen video effects software for night clubs, concerts, and special events. Projection effects can be audio triggered, and mixed with live video.

AudioVisualizers is intended to provide a comprehensive forum for video performance artists who run the gamut from high intensity rave video mixers, to experimental interactive installation artists, and other likeminded creative folks choosing video as a major focus of their art.

BlackStar Picture Services
Well established stock photo company with long standing reputation for photography about current events. Photography has strong photojournalist flair with an edginess not found in most stock libraries.

Caligari Corporation
Software developer offering products for graphics design applications. Products include TrueSpace 4.1, a 3D development and rendering software package with many features found in "high-end" packages.

With an optional quad-screen video card, ChurchView is capable of sophisticated video and image routing via its MultiScreen Technology. The card will accept video inputs allowing for overlay features. Utilizing four outputs, one could be connected to the control monitor, the second to the house projector, the third could be used for a teleprompter, and the fourth for announcements routed to other parts of the church. This program will also interface with PowerPoint.

CodeBlazer Technologies, LLC.
UPresent®, by CodeBlazer Technologies LLC, is a powerful, elegant, yet easy to use presentation software application, putting the focus back on you, the presenter. UPresent easily incorporates graphics, video, audio, 3D models, text, videodisc sequences, or links to URLs and even launch other software applications. UGather® is a powerful media asset management application where you can catalogue, sort and search by multiple criteria your digital media files.

A major source for high quality stock photographs for use in print, multimedia and web design and applications. More than 500,000 images in the Corbis Collection. Royalty free photos available.

Corel Corporation
A leading provider of Illustration software noted for its Corel Draw product. Corel 7 is presentation software that incorporates dazzling slide transitions, scanner support, and slide show transition effects.

Creative Lifestyles
Presentation Manager is a leading Praise and Worship Software Package for Churches. It incorporates dual display capabilities, text over live video, a searchable song and Bible database and tons of the other features you want at half the price of comparable packages.

Crystal Graphics
With the recent releases of Crystal 3D IMPACT! Pro and 3D Sensations For Presentations, CrystalGraphics is now emerging as a leader in the development of incredibly easy-to-use 3D animation software designed to help businesses communicate more effectively.

Easy Worship
Software designed to project songs, alerts, and PowerPoint presentations using a projection system. Spontaneous and scheduled worship, images, gradients, and auto-sizing slides are just a few of the features. Fully functional demo and online tour of product.

Eloquent, Inc.
Eloquent develops and markets products and services which help organizations build web-based corporate knowledge libraries of speakers giving their presentations. The company delivers cost-effective turnkey solutions that help create, communicate, manage and measure use of an organization's rapidly growing knowledge base - its most strategic asset in the information age.

Grass Roots Software
Designer of "Prologue! Worship Leader", a PC driven (win98), dual monitor, presentation software package designed for projecting choruses, hymns, sermon notes, and announcements in contemporary church worship services.

Macromedia is one of the leading suppliers of presentation software products for the creation of interactive multimedia presentations. Products include Director 7, Shockwave, Dreamweaver2, Freehand 8, and Flash.

MetaCreations is one of the leading suppliers of computer graphics design software that allows users to manipulate photographs. Its products include: Dance Studio, Kai’s SuperGoo, Kai’s Power Show, Kai’s Photo SOAP 2, Art Dabbler, Headline Studio, Painter 5.5 – Web Edition, Painter Classic, and Expression among others.

Micrografx offers a complete array of software products for presentations and graphics applications. Products include the iGrafx suite of applications for producing: business graphics, process improvement, technical graphics and publishing, web graphics, and graphics application development.

Microsoft Corp.
Microsoft PowerPoint® provides a complete set of tools for creating powerful presentations. Organize and format your material easily. Illustrate your points with your own images or clip art. And broadcast your presentations over the Web.

Milori Software
Milori Training Tools is a suite of software applications designed to make your classroom and distance education more effective by allowing your audience to see your point more clearly.

Network Music
For over 20 years, Network Music has earned its reputation as an innovative leader in the development of music and sound resources. Its products and services include: production music, classical music and sound effects libraries; various production elements packages; and audio-based software tools.

Performance Digital Labs
A provider of high quality analog-to-digital video conversion services for Streaming Video Codecs and DVD.

A PowerPoint Resource: The best PowerPoint templates on the planet... Guaranteed! We can’t promise to make you the world’s best presenter, but we can guarantee these graphics won’t put your audience to sleep! Volumes of templates and backgrounds to download right now.

ProPresenter is a presentation system that utilizes two screens, empowering users to quickly and easily present slides on one screen, while controlling the presentation with another screen.

Quark, Inc.
Develops tools that are the fundamental elements of high-end, professional electronic publishing and communication. Its products include QuarkXPress and QuarkImmedia.

Developer of "SongShow Plus", a dual monitor presentation package for the PC. SongShow Plus is an alternative to PowerPoint and is designed to allow on the fly changes to your presentation order. Designed for church worship application.

Scala, Inc.
Presentation packages that take you beyond the capabilities of PowerPoint by adding SOUND, ANIMATION and VIDEO CLIPS to presentations.

Song Screen
"Song Screen" is computer software that was written specifically for churches to display songs, Scripture, announcements, nursery numbers and Microsoft PowerPoint slide shows using a single software application. Takes advantage of dual monitor computers.

Stock Market Photo
One of the best sources for high quality stock photographs for inclusion into both print, multimedia presentations and web content.

Strata, Inc.
A leading provider of graphics development tools including: StudioPro, MediaPaint, VideoShop, Vision3d and Strata Extension. Products are used to create interactive multimedia presentations.

Worship Him!
Worship Him! is worship software designed to meet the presentation needs of today's spontaneous worship services. With Worship Him's multiple monitor support, your song is spread out before you in it's component pieces (verses, choruses and bridges), and displaying a song piece is as simple as clicking on it. Automatically track song usage, quickly bring up songs for display whether planned or spontaneous, import PowerPoint presentations, display Bible verses, graphics files, nursery messages, and much more.

WorshipBuilder is a presentation management tool that organizes all of the different components needed to create worship presentations: music, announcements, sermon notes, graphics, prayer requests, and more. It helps you create, organize, and reuse all of the components required for multimedia worship.