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ViewSonic PLED-W200 Projector ViewSonic PLED-W200
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2000:1 Contrast Ratio
250 Lumens
PC 3D Ready
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ViewSonic PLED W200:
A Robust Pocket Projector

Allan Abbott, October 4, 2012

Key Features

SD Card. The PLED-W200's SD card features are surprisingly extensive. Not only can the usual audio and video content be accommodated, but with proper file conversion (software supplied), even certain Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files can be displayed. Not all application features are supported, but basic presentations are a snap.

Menu Selection and Navigation. ViewSonic has done a nice job with the PLED-W200 menu system. Menus are clearly defined, and layering is kept to a minimum. Navigation is easy, and when re-opening the menu system, you return to the last-used menu. That is really convenient when making repetitive adjustments to a particular setting.

Dual User Modes. It is not uncommon to have one User mode in an inexpensive projector, but the PLED-W200 goes one better. This is handy if the projector is a shared resource because two users can store their preferred image settings and avoid re-tuning each time the projector passes to the other user.

Audio Output.It is rare to find more than a single 1-watt speaker in a pico projector, but the PLED-W200 has dual 2-watt speakers. Make no mistake . . . 4 watts is not going to fill the room with sound, but for intimate settings, it is sufficient to overcome ambient noises that might otherwise be distracting.

Remote Control.Since it is the size of a credit card, the PLED-W200's remote control is easy to misplace and may accidentally slip away in someone's pocket. That would be a shame since its one of the better-configured remotes we have seen. Every button is clearly labeled, and many one-touch functions are available. Examples include aspect ratio, color mode, and direct source selection. One minor issue is that the remote sensor is on the rear of the PLED-W200, so you have to be behind the projector to use the remote.

Connectivity.The input adapter cable has a male VGA connector as well as a set of RCA composite audio/video connectors. There is a USB Type B connector on the chassis for a computer connection in lieu of a bulkier VGA cable, but you will have to purchase an additional cable to make the connection.

Warranty.ViewSonic warrants the PLED-W200 for three years and its LED illumination system for one year. The LED is rated at 20,000 hours, but the one-year warranty will expire long before that.

Maintenance. The PLED-W200 has no air filter to change, so maintenance consists of vacuuming the side grills every now and then to avoid any dust accumulation that might impede airflow. There is no lamp to replace, and that will save a few coins as long as the LEDs hold up for their rated life.


Brightness and Uniformity. In its brightest mode at 200 lumens, our test unit did not quite reach its rating of 250 lumens. However, it showed no hot spots and its brightness uniformity was excellent at 89%. Preset mode brightness readings were: PC - 125 lumens, Movie - 100 lumens, and ViewMatch - 115 lumens. Since lamp life is not an issue for a LED-based projector, the PLED-W200 has no Eco setting.

Lamp Life. The LED light source is rated to last for 20,000 hours. That is about seven years of continuous 8-hour-per-day usage, so the PLED-W200 will probably be relegated to a closet shelf long before the LEDs wink out.

Image Size and Offset. The PLED-W200 sets up nicely for tabletop placement. The bottom of the image is at lens centerline height, and that puts the center of the image at eye level. A six-foot diagonal can be projected from six feet away, so even a confined space can accommodate a good-sized image.

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Posted Oct 4, 2015 2:38 PM

By Dr.Habes

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I have View Sonic PLED_-W200 Pocket Projector , but from three months, the Projector has been increasing its temperature during 3-5 minutes after switching on and shut down and sometimes shows a message (the files are corrupted)....please advice me to resolve this problem.

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