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ViewSonic PJD6683ws Conference Projector Review

Marc Davidson, October 25, 2012

Strong Points

Short throw. Short throw projectors let you project a big image from a short distance. This is an obvious advantage in a small room. It also helps in situations where it's hard to position a standard-throw projector so it's far enough from the screen for the image size you want without casting shadows from people or objects sitting between the projector and the screen.

ViewSonic says that at the native 1280x800 resolution and 16:10 aspect ratio, the PJD6683ws can throw an image ranging from 30" diagonally at 1 foot away to 300" at 10.4 feet. My tests suggest that the claim is on the conservative side, since I was able to get closer than 1 foot and still focus the image. I didn't try to measure the size with the projector at 10.4 feet away, but I did confirm the image was bright enough to be usable in dim lighting. For most of my tests, I used a 90" diagonal image with the projector sitting 40" from the screen.

Near excellent data image quality. The PJD6683ws's data image quality is just short of excellent. The only important problem I saw was with color balance, and that cropped up with only some presets. Various levels of gray showed a slight green tint in my tests in Brightest mode, and a slight brown tint in Movie, Dynamic Movie, and ViewMatch modes, but they were all suitably neutral in PC and Dynamic PC modes. Colors in all modes were a little dark in terms of a hue-saturation-brightness model, making yellow a little dull. However, colors were well saturated and suitably eye-catching otherwise in all modes.

More important for data screens is the projector's excellent retention of detail. Both black on white and white on black text was highly readable, with crisp, clean edges, at sizes as small as 7 points. Even better, I saw almost no pixel jitter on an analog connection. Unless you know which screens tend to bring out the problem, and you make a point of looking for it, you're not likely to notice it at all.

Potentially portable. With its 6.6 pound weight, the PJD6683ws is a little too heavy for a constant traveling companion, but light enough to bring with you occasionally. However, ViewSonic doesn't include a carrying case with it, so you'll have to buy one separately.

Long lamp life. ViewSonic rates the PJD6683ws's lamp at a reasonably long 3,500 hours in Normal mode and 5,000 hours in Eco mode. This can help keep total cost of ownership down, compared with having to replace the lamp more often. At $329 per lamp, however, the replacement cost undercuts the savings somewhat.

Three-year warranty. ViewSonic's three-year warranty for the projector plus a full year for the lamp, is longer than many manufacturers offer, making it a welcome extra. If you register the unit, ViewSonic also adds one-year of advanced exchange service, with ViewSonic sending a replacement immediately along with a return label and picking up the shipping cost in both directions.

Usable audio. The built-in audio in the PJD6683ws is better than many projectors in this weight class offer. The sound quality is good enough so spoken dialog in video clips was understandable in my tests, and the 10-watt mono Speaker was loud enough for a small to mid-size conference room. If you need stereo, more volume, or better quality, the minijack audio output lets you connect easily to an external sound system.

Review Contents: Introduction Strong Points Testing and Connectivity Limitations and Conclusion

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