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ViewSonic PJD6683ws Conference Projector Review

Marc Davidson, October 25, 2012

Test Results and Connectivity

Bright Image. I measured the PJD6683ws in its Brightest mode at 3127 lumens, or 104% of its 3000 lumen rating. Next brightest was a tie, with PC and Dynamic PC modes both at 2296 lumens. That's still easily bright enough for the 90" inch diagonal image I used in my tests to stand up to the ambient light typical for a conference room or classroom. Also worth mention is that the PC mode, with better color balance than the Brightest mode, is the default setting as shipped.

None of the other presets drops the brightness very much, with all three other choices coming in at just over 2000 lumens on my tests. However you can drop the brightness by about 25% with Eco mode, which I measured at 2307 lumens with the Brightest preset.

Keep in mind too that as with most DLP projectors, the color brightness for the PJD6683ws is lower than the brightness in ANSI lumens, so color screens won't be as bright as, for example, a word processing document with a white background. However, the perceived difference in brightness isn't obvious.

Acceptable brightness uniformity. Short throw projectors often have problems maintaining uniform brightness across the entire screen, but even for a short throw projector, the PJD6683ws came in with a low score, at 53% brightness uniformity. Fortunately, it's not bad enough to be a problem for real world use. On a solid white or color screen, the image on the test unit was noticeably dimmer in three of the four corners than over the rest of the screen. With the image broken up by text or graphics, however, the difference was hard enough to see that most people will never notice it.

Good connectivity. The back panel on the PJD6683ws offers a reasonably full set of connectors, with an HDMI 1.3 port for a computer or video source, two VGA inputs for computers or component video, both S-Video and composite video ports, and a VGA monitor out port. For audio, in addition to the HDMI port, there are two stereo minijack inputs, with one shared by one VGA port along with the two video ports, and the other paired with the second VGA port. Finally, there's a stereo minijack audio output, a mini USB B port for connection to a computer so you can control the mouse from the remote, an RS232 port for controlling the projector locally, and a LAN port for controlling it over a LAN.

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