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ViewSonic Pro8520HD Projector ViewSonic Pro8520HD
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8000:1 Contrast Ratio
5000 Lumens
Street Price: n/a
$2,169 MSRP

Viewsonic Pro8520HD
1080p DLP Presentation Projector

Bill Livolsi, February 11, 2014

Key Features

Great for video gaming. Despite the Pro8520HD's business pedigree, it excels as a video gaming projector. In our input lag testing, it measured a super-fast 10 milliseconds, or less than one frame of delay. Coupled with a bright picture and reasonably accurate color in Dark Room mode, the Pro8520HD can create a bright, high-resolution gaming image that's incredibly responsive. And with almost 2,000 lumens at your disposal in Dark Room mode, you can keep some of the lights on as well.

Placement flexibility. A 1.5:1 manual zoom lens makes the Pro8520HD easier to install in a variety of conference rooms with different installation needs. Often, an organization will require projectors in several different rooms, and those rooms may not all be identical, which can make it more difficult to pick projectors for each situation. By making one projector that can fit in a variety of rooms, life for purchasers, installers, and support staff becomes much simpler.

Connectivity. The slate of connections on the Pro8520HD's rear panel makes it a simple task to connect a variety of sources, from laptops to Blu-ray players to digital video cameras. The projector also has a 1/8" audio input for a microphone along with a separate microphone volume slider in the menu system, so you can provide amplified narration during presentations.

Three-year warranty. A three-year standard warranty protects you in the event that the Pro8520HD fails in some way to perform up to expectations. Three years is long for a projector warranty, and the added value should be considered in purchasing decisions.

10W stereo speakers. The Pro8520HD's speaker system packs a punch. It's no match for dedicated external speakers, obviously, but it's better than nothing at all.

DICOM SIM. DICOM stands for "Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine" and the part that we're concerned with describes a standard used for medical imaging devices -- think x-rays. The DICOM SIM mode on the Pro8520HD simulates a proper DICOM imaging environment. The idea is that it can be used for lectures and education, but not for actual patient diagnosis (hence the "SIM" part, for "simulation"). This opens up the Pro8520HD to medical classrooms and doctor's offices, as well.

Review Contents: Viewing Experience Key Features Performance Limitations and Conclusion

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Posted Feb 13, 2014 4:38 PM

By Girish

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Impressive, worth a try.

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