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ViewSonic Pro8520HD Projector ViewSonic Pro8520HD
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8000:1 Contrast Ratio
5000 Lumens
Street Price: n/a
$2,169 MSRP

Viewsonic Pro8520HD
1080p DLP Presentation Projector

Bill Livolsi, February 11, 2014


Brightness. Though the Pro8520HD is advertised as a 5,000 lumen projector, it does not have a pre-calibrated image mode that reaches this specification. Its brightest mode is DICOM SIM at 3896 lumens (just under 80% of spec), but DICOM is not appropriate for all types of content. More importantly, the projector's white light output is significantly higher than its color light output. In Brightest mode, color light output only amounts to 28% of white light output -- so while white measured 2942 lumens, a full color image will look like it is only about 825 lumens. The best mode for color saturation is Dark Room mode, where color measured 79% of white.

BrilliantColor. BrilliantColor has a place on presentation projectors such as the Pro8520HD where it can boost white light output at the expense of colored light output when that is what the user requires. The objection here is that BrilliantColor is not adjustable on the Pro8520HD, so there's no way to turn white peaking down or off when you need better color performance.

Lamp life and cost. The Pro8520HD's lamp is expected to last 2500 hours at full power and 3000 hours in Eco mode, which is a touch shorter than the average these days. What's more, replacement lamps cost $499 from Viewsonic, bringing the estimated cost per hour to between sixteen and twenty cents. Compared to other presentation projectors in the Pro8520HD's performance class, that's on the expensive side.

No 3D. The Pro8520HD does not have 3D capabilities, while several competing models do. While this isn't a problem if you don't plan to use any 3D content, it does rule out 3D gaming as a possible application. Then again, 3D projectors tend to have higher input lag than non-3D projectors, so it is possible that those competing models are less appropriate for gaming.


The Viewsonic Pro8520HD is a great projector for conference rooms and other business environments. It pairs high light output with a full feature set and excellent connectivity to create a presentation projector that's easy to use. It couples this performance with an industry-leading three year warranty to ensure your continued satisfaction. And with only ten milliseconds of input lag, it also serves surprisingly well as a gaming projector. Whether you're building out your business, lecturing the doctors of the future, or just saving the world in your favorite game, the Viewsonic Pro8520HD has something to offer.

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Posted Feb 13, 2014 4:38 PM

By Girish

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Impressive, worth a try.

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