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New Product Announcement: Elite MGFU-S & MGFU MosicGO Outdoor Projectors
Elite Screens Launches Projector Line With New UST Bundle...

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John Higgins - Tuesday, Nov 19, 2019
Screen manufacturer Elite Screens has launched its Elite Projectors line with an outdoor bundle including a UST projector, tripod and Yard Master 2 projection screen.

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Optoma EH412 4500 lm, 1920x1080, 7.7 lbs
Bright, inexpensive business-classroom projector
Optoma ZU506T-B 5000 lm, 1920x1200, 12.1 lbs
Optoma ZU506T Laser Projector
Optoma ZU610T-W 6000 lm, 1920x1200, 24.3 lbs
Optoma ZU610T-W Laser Projector
Maxell MP-WU5603 6000 lm, 1920x1200, 18.7 lbs
Highly flexible installation with low maintenance
NEC P525WL 5000 lm, 1280x800, 21.3 lbs
High output, 3LCD laser projection
Optoma 4K550ST 4500 lm, 3840x2160, 13.0 lbs
The least expensive 4K, short-throw in its class..
NEC P502WL-2 5000 lm, 1280x800, 19.4 lbs
Easy set-up, 5000+ lumens, and a low street price
Epson PowerLite L610U 6000 lm, 1920x1200, 18.7 lbs
A high-value, high output, $3,499 laser projector.
Hitachi LP-AW4001 4200 lm, 1280x800, 16.8 lbs
A highly affordable, laser-driven UST projector
Canon REALiS WUX7000Z 7000 lm, 1920x1200, 37.4 lbs
High value, high output laser projector

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Nov 18 - Optoma UHL55 4K DLP LED Projector Review
John Higgins
The Optoma UHL55 LED projector delivers 4K on the go in a stylish, easy-to-tote package.
Nov 5 - JVC DLA-NX7 4K D-ILA Projector Review
Rob Sabin
With its stunning native 4K resolution, superb contrast, and automated HDR tone-mapping, the JVC DLA-NX7 reaffirms JVC's place near the pinnacle of home theater projection.
Oct 30 - Epson Home Cinema 3800 4K PRO-UHD Projector Review
M. David Stone
With the Home Cinema 3800, Epson brings its 4K PRO-UHD pixel-shifting technology and latest HDR advancements to an affordable, high-value projector.
Oct 17 - Optoma HD39HDR 1080p Gaming Projector Review
John Higgins
With its extremely low 8.4 millisecond input lag and 120 Hz mode, the Optoma HD39HDR puts serious gamers on the big screen with no penalty.
Oct 4 - LG CineBeam HU85LA 4K UST Laser Projector Review
Rob Sabin
LG's new 4K, ultra-short throw is an expensive but well-built projector that manages to impress in either light or darkness.
Oct 3 - BenQ CinePro HT9060 4K LED Projector Review
Michael J. McNamara
BenQ's cutting-edge CinePro HT9060 proves what a state-of-the-art LED light engine can really do.
Sep 25 - Epson Home Cinema 5050UB vs. Epson Home Cinema 4010
M. David Stone
Epson's Home Cinema 4010 and Home Cinema 5050UB have a lot in common, but differ ultimately in price and image quality. Here's our direct comparison.
Aug 24 - BenQ HT3550 vs. Epson Home Cinema 4010
M. David Stone
The BenQ HT3550 and Epson Home Cinema 4010 are two of the best home theater projectors available under $2,000. We faced them off to compare their features and image quality.
Aug 10 - ViewSonic X10-4K 4K LED DLP Projector Review
John Higgins
ViewSonic mixes features like built-in web-streaming, Bluetooth-friendly speakers, Google and Alexa voice control, and super-easy set-up in this punchy, take-anywhere 4K lifestyle projector.
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Accessory Reviews
BenQ InstaShow WDC10C/WDC10
Wireless Presentation System
Monday, Jul 22, 2019
BenQ's InstaShow wireless presentation kit facilitates easy sharing of encrypted 1080p-resolution content from the classroom to the boardroom.

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Elite Screens Aeon CLR UST Screen Review
Elite's Aeon CLR screen provides effective rejection of overhead ambient lights for today's emerging ultra-short-throw home theater projectors...and does so at unusually low cost.

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