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Rob Sabin - Tuesday, Oct 9, 2018
Buying a budget 4K projector means picking the right trade-offs...for you....more

Projectors -- Popular Articles

Road Test Certified Projectors

Hitachi LP-AW4001 4200 lm, 1280x800, 16.8 lbs
A highly affordable, laser-driven USTprojector
Canon REALiS WUX7000Z 7000 lm, 1920x1200, 37.4 lbs
High value, high output laser projector
Panasonic PT-MZ770U 8000 lm, 1920x1200, 37.7 lbs
Low price, light weight 8000-lumen laser projector
Casio XJ-UT311WN 3100 lm, 1280x800, 12.6 lbs
Ultra Short Throw WXGA over 3100 lumens
Dell M318WL 500 lm, 1280x800, 0.8 lbs
Dell M318WL
Optoma S365 3600 lm, 800x600, 5.5 lbs
Optoma S365 SVGA Projector
Optoma WU336 3400 lm, 1920x1200, 6.8 lbs
Optoma WU336 DLP projector
Panasonic PT-MZ670U 6500 lm, 1920x1200, 35.3 lbs
Least expensive WXGA 24/7 Laser over 6500 lumens
ViewSonic PS750HD 3000 lm, 1920x1080, 13.4 lbs
Low price Interactive UST, 1080p, Full 3D
Dell S718QL 5000 lm, 3840x2160, 33.1 lbs
4K Laser, 5000 lumens, UST

Home Theater Projectors

Oct 2 - REVIEW UPDATE: BenQ HT2550 4K Projector
M. David Stone, Evan Powell
A high value, 4K projector for less than $1,500 that also offers 3D capability.
Oct 2 - REVIEW UPDATE: BenQ TK800 4K Projector
M. David Stone, Evan Powell
4K Home Theater Projector with 3D for $1499
Nov 13 - Sub-$1000 Home Theater Shootout
Evan Powell
A five-way shootout between the BenQ HT3050, HT 2050, Epson HC 2040, Optoma HD28DSE and Viewsonic PJD7835HD ...
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Home Video Projectors

Review: ViewSonic PX706HD
M. David Stone
Full HD Gaming & Home Theater, 16 ms lag, Full 3D Capable, great audio for street of $650
Jun 28 - Review: ViewSonic M1 Pocket Projector
M. David Stone
Super-portable home entertainment with Harmon Kardon speakers and 16 GB internal memory for a mere $299...
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Portable Projectors

Philips PicoPix PPX4010
Marc Davidson
One of the smallest and fastest projectors on the planet...
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Conference Room Projectors

Aug 22 - Review: Optoma EH330UST
M. David Stone
Optoma's new ultra short throw projector
for classroom, conference, and signage...

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Large Venue Projectors

Review: ViewSonic LS800HD
Al Griffin
Full HD, 3D Laser Projector for business and home use...
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Shoot-Outs Aug 10 - Five 5000 Lumen Laser Projectors

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