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3D in Education

Dr.Anne Bamford, October 25, 2011

Conducted in classrooms across seven European countries, the following research compares the difference in comprehension, information retention and overall behaviour between students learning via traditional 2D methods versus learning via 3D projection. A long-time partner in providing technology for education, DLP Products initiated the study as a way to gather information and feedback on teaching with content displayed using 3D projectors. The research team was led by Professor Anne Bamford, Director of the International Research Agency

What is 3D in the classroom? Computer generated animation has been in development for some time with early work dating back to the 1960s. Not surprisingly, the first commercial use of three-dimensional (3D) animations was a representation of a human, known as the "Boeing Man." It was not until the 1990s that 3D within the general entertainment industry became more widespread. The release of "Avatar," the movie, broke all box office records and established a new level of sophistication in 3D imaging. The use of 3D in the classroom has emerged in the past 12 months and offers enormous potential as a tool in teaching and learning. DLP-powered * 3D projectors use millions of microscopic, digital mirrors that reflect light to create a picture. DLP imaging technology is so fast, it can actually produce two images on the screen at the same time: One for the "left" eye and one for the "right" eye. Then 3D glasses combine the two images to create a 3D effect. The single-chip version of DLP is used in many projectors, with the technology being used in over 50% of the projectors currently sold.

Children and 3D

Children and young people own a lot of technological devices and use them regularly. As indicated by the recent pan European research,** 90.1% of pupils had a computer, 85.3% had at least one mobile phone and 74.6% owned handheld games.*** It also found that pupils are frequent users of online technology, with over 91% of pupils using the internet for at least one hour per day.

In terms of their experience of 3D, 90% of pupils had seen a 3D movie, with most pupils having seen three or more 3D movies. The pupils were very knowledgeable about general innovations in 3D and were highly informed consumers of the 3D products currently available. The pupils possessed very positive attitudes towards 3D and were keen to have more 3D in their lives and in their learning. The teachers that were interviewed acknowledged the importance of good quality technology for the pupils of today as they are "digital native" learners, as the following comments from teachers exemplify:

"The kids are into technology. We need something different in the classroom. It is more philosophical than just putting computer in the classroom. Technology is not just about learning the content. Technology will change the view of life. Children must have different points of view on life." - Teacher comment

"The pupils wanted, and expected, very high quality animations." - Teacher comment

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Hafeez Posted Oct 1, 2012 7:57 AM PST
what is the standard deviation of pupils of 3D group, who improved from pre-test to post test performance?
sydney onoh Posted Oct 6, 2012 3:49 AM PST
Nice Work. please how do i get 3d devices for education. Thanks.

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