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Some fun activities to start using 3D

  • Try some of the following ideas...
  • Have pupils move their bodies to 'feel' the virtual 3D
  • Give pupils clay or dough to model as they watch the 3D animation
  • Re-use 3D animations; for example, use a science-based animation in the art class or use the history animation in the language class
  • Put the pupils in the 'driver's seat' and let them develop lessons around 3D content
  • Get a 3D camera and start creating your own 3D content - start with images in nature
  • Create your own 3D logo so that when the pupils see that on a worksheet, they know they can also see things in 3D
  • Encourage pupils to make their own 'commentary' to accompany 3D animations
  • Project the image on unusual surfaces - try your T-shirt or the surface of the desk
  • Study a 3D artist or learn about how our eyes see 3D
  • Compose music to accompany 3D animations
  • Use 3D animations without the sound or labels to revise for tests
  • Invent learning games to accompany the 3D animations

The pupils were asked to imagine how 3D animations might change their learning in the future. These are some of their ideas: "All thinking and learning will be different in the future. We will always have 3D in the classroom and we will use it when we want. There will be books with 3D inside them. You hit on the image and then it becomes 3D. It will sort of come up from the page. I want this." - Pupil comment

"We will have screens built into the tables and then we can touch things and they will be 3D." - Pupil comment

"The classroom should be more like a planetarium. We would all sit in a circle and then the image would be all around us. Let us call it a 3Dtorium! We would not have chairs. We would sit on bean bags. We would not need to wear glasses and it would be interactive, like Kinect. Maybe we could program our own 3D and make PowerPoint presentation in 3D. Maybe there will even be 4D and we would have sensory experiences... jets of air, smell, great sound. There would be simulators and we would follow the flow of the blood. We could have electronic text books on a kindle or iPad. Technology makes learning more interesting. Technology will never stand still. It will always be advancing and that is exciting. We will need to know technology for our future jobs." - Pupil comment

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Hafeez Posted Oct 1, 2012 7:57 AM PST
what is the standard deviation of pupils of 3D group, who improved from pre-test to post test performance?
sydney onoh Posted Oct 6, 2012 3:49 AM PST
Nice Work. please how do i get 3d devices for education. Thanks.

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