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3M PS4100 Projector 3M PS4100
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35 Lumens
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3M Pico Projector Phone Sleeve: Riding Shotgun to the iPhone 4s

Laura Clinton, March 12, 2013

The 3M Projector Sleeve can be used with most of the video-based apps available on your iPhone 4/4s. I used it primarily with Netflix and YouTube. After charging and initially setting up the projector, I settled in with a bowl of popcorn and streamed The Signal projected at 54 inches diagonally. I was sitting roughly 65 inches from the wall. With projector sleeves like this, your best viewing experience comes when sitting within six inches of the projector itself.

The 3M Projector Sleeve has three different modes: Cinema, Web, and Eco. With The Signal, I used the Cinema mode, which helped to enhance the color. The picture was clear, and the characters were defined. Still, 35 lumens cannot stand up to any outside light. Draw the curtains, or find an underground bunker. I used the Eco mode setting of the projector when watching the Constant Gardener. Although this mode helps to conserve the battery, it does dim the projector. I decided to watch the movie at the largest recommended size of 60 diagonal inches. I sat 75 inches from the projected image. I noticed that the borders of the images were slightly blurred, and the coloring was not as vivid as it was in Cinema mode. Instead of having a sharp and crisp look, the images were softer and less defined. However, the battery did last for 105 minutes before I needed to free myself from my heated blanket cocoon and plug the projector back into the power adapter. Going 105 minutes without needing a shot of energy is impressive for anything or anyone.

Speaking of a shot of energy, the 3M Projector Sleeve, like the Brookstone Pocket Projector, can give your iPhone a quick charge when you are in a bind. Although it cannot fully charge your dead battery, it can buy you a few extra texts to your friends. Also, this sleeve can be used to show off your family photos and videos to your unsuspecting guests. I found that I had to do this in a slideshow format in order for it to be projected. Sadly, my friends had to sit through every picture on my phone, not just the ones from my latest vacay.

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Elaine Tait Posted Mar 13, 2013 2:06 PM PST
Great information about the projector only suited for the iPhone 4/4s, something to consider. Also the heat factor.

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