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4K Home Theater Projector Reviews on ProjectorCentral

by Rob Sabin, Editor

It wasn't all that long ago that 4K/UHD-resolution projectors were an expensive oddity, but they have now become common, affordable, and more feature-packed. Along with delivering much sharper images compared with traditional high definition 1080p projectors, many of today's models recognize HDR (high dynamic range) content for more impactful highlights, and tout wide color gamut that makes colors look truer to real life than ever before. And that goes even for some budget models costing under $2,000.

ProjectorCentral's mission is to test as many 4K and 4K-compliant home theater projectors as we can and provide a resource of standalone and comparison reviews for enthusiasts and everyday shoppers. This page provides links to all of our 4K/UHD home theater projector reviews published within the last three years. Included are reviews of both 4K/UHD and 4K/UHD enabled projectors - those that accept native 4K signals and display them at something higher than 1080p resolution, either through the use of native 4K imaging chips or any of several implementations of pixel-shifting technology. We do not include in this list projectors that accept 4K/UHD signals and merely downscale them to display at 1080p.

The products are broken out by current selling-price. Within each bracket, they are listed alphabetically by brand and then by the review publish date, with the newest reviews for each manufacturer shown first. Consider bookmarking this page to return frequently and see what's new and competitive in each price bracket.

4K Projectors $5,000 - $10,000