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4K Home Theater Projector Reviews
on ProjectorCentral

Evan Powell, Editor

The world of 4K projectors is rapidly changing with new models and fluid pricing. As new 4K projectors for home theater roll out we will review them to assess their competitive strengths and weaknesses. This page will maintain a current list of all 4K projector reviews on the site by price, so bookmark this page for easy reference.

This page includes reviews of both 4K and 4K-enabled projectors -- that means it covers projectors that will accept native 4K signals and display them either through the use of native 4K chips or any of several implementations of pixel shifting technology.

In addition to home theater there are a lot of 4K models coming out for commercial use as well. We will review those selectively, but the list on this page will summarize just home theater models.

We intend to review as many 4K home theater projectors as possible under $5000. We may select a few that are more expensive as well, but since our editorial bandwidth is not infinite we don't have the time to review every 4K projector on the market. Our objective is to produce as many reviews as possible that will be helpful to the largest number of buyers. Since most buyers have budgets under $5000, that is where we are focusing our attention. And frankly, with the rapid advance of technology, you don't have to spend more than $5000 to get an outstanding 4K projector these days.

4K Projectors under $2000

4K Projectors $2000 - $3000

4K Projectors $3000 - $5000

4K Projectors over $5000

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