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The New 720p Projectors – A Personal View


As regular readers are aware, we are seeing quite a few dramatic new product releases in the world of 720p resolution home theater projectors at the moment. We have already reviewed the Sanyo PLV-Z4, the Panasonic PT-AE900U, and the Mitsubishi HC3000. We are currently looking at the Epson Cinema 550 and the Hitachi HDPJ52, but those reviews have not been completed as of yet. We are awaiting arrival of a new sample of the BenQ PE7700, as BenQ says that this unit has been upgraded since its release six months ago. My intent was to look at all of these units, then provide some overall commentary as to how they stack up. Ultimately we will do that.

However, we are getting email asking for us to compare the AE900, the PLV-Z4, and the HC3000. Waiting another month before posting a full assessment of all of the 720p products would lead to some frustration among readers who are eager to make some decisions for the holidays. So I want to take a moment to give you my personal impressions of what is going on in the world of 720p resolution home theater projectors, at least as I view it so far. These will be interim observations that I will modify and expand upon as we gain further experience with the entire complement of products in this category.

I'd also like to emphasize that the comments below are based upon my preferences and personal tastes. Be aware that my tastes may not be yours, and reasonable people looking at two different projectors side by side can come to different conclusions as to which one is "best." Thus, I will try to describe what I see, and why I prefer what I do. But take my comments, along with those of any other reviewer, with a grain of salt. There is clearly room for more than one opinion on the ideal trade-offs between features, image quality, and selling price.

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