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AAXA P2 Jr. Projector AAXA P2 Jr.
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1000:1 Contrast Ratio
55 Lumens
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AAXA P2 Jr. Multimedia
Pico Projector

Marc Davidson, June 27, 2013


Excellent data image quality. Data quality tests should be run at a projector's native resolution, but AAXA doesn't publish that information for P2 Jr. I ran my tests at 640x480, which appears to give the best quality image, and which AAXA confirmed was an appropriate resolution to use.

The quality is excellent for a pico projector. In addition to acceptably bright, vibrant colors, it delivers good color balance in all modes, with suitably neutral grays at all levels from white to black. More important for data screens, the projector does a good job with detail. Black text on white, for example, was crisp and highly readable at sizes as small as 7 points at 640x480. White text on black was easily readable at 8 points or larger. A close look at the screen showed that at 7 points the white text characters were breaking up into individual pixels, giving them a soft focus look from a distance. The same issue would apply to fine lines in a graphic.

Good video quality. Whatever the P2 Jr.'s native resolution is, it's certainly lower than 1080p. That puts obvious limits on its video quality, but within those limits, it does a good job. With the 1080p input in my tests, it delivered an image that was in the same league as you'd expect from a good (not great) quality standard definition TV.

I saw just a hint of posterization and moderate loss of detail in scenes that tend cause those problems, and I also some moderate noise in solid, dark areas, but nothing that most people would find distracting. Colors were a touch oversaturated,(for example, grass a little too green), but since most people prefer oversaturated colors, that's not much of a problem either. The quality is certainly good enough for watching a full-length movie comfortably.

Infrequent rainbow artifacts. The P2 Jr. does a good job of avoiding rainbow artifacts. Even though I see these artifacts easily, I didn't see any in data screens, and saw only fleeting hints of them even in most video test clips that tend to show them a lot. The only time I saw actual flashes of red, green, and blue was in a black and white clip, and even in that clip they were less frequent than with most DLP projectors.

Notably portable. Pocket projectors are portable by definition, but the P2 Jr. gets high marks even by pico projector standards. It measures just 0.8" by 2.9" by 4.2" (HWD), and weighs an even 6 ounces complete with its rechargeable battery. Given the claimed two-hour battery life, you should be able to rely on battery power for short sessions. For longer sessions, and for the brightest image, you'll need to carry the power block too, but that adds only 3.5 ounces for a total 9.5 ounce weight.

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