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AAXA P2 Jr. Projector AAXA P2 Jr.
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1000:1 Contrast Ratio
55 Lumens
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AAXA P2 Jr. Multimedia
Pico Projector

Marc Davidson, June 27, 2013

Test Results and Connectivity

Brightness. With its brightest settings, meaning Dynamic mode, High brightness, and running on AC power, the P2 Jr. came in at 40 lumens, slightly lower than its 55 lumen rating. Standard mode, which is the default setting whenever you turn it on, was 28 lumens, and Mild was 18 lumens.

Running on batteries automatically switches the lamp brightness to Low, which essentially cuts the light output in half. When I switched the brightness setting to Low while running on AC power, I measured the same brightness as with battery power in each preset mode.

Practically speaking, 40 lumens is bright enough to produce a good 31" diagonal picture on a white wall or plain white screen in a dark room. Its dimmest operating mode on battery power is enough for a 15" diagonal screen. For short sessions, however, you can easily manage with larger sizes. I had no trouble viewing photos in moderate ambient light at a 37" diagonal size, using an off-white door as a screen, for example. However, colors were noticeably washed out compared with showing the same photos in the same lighting at smaller sizes.

Excellent brightness uniformity. Most pocket projectors have trouble maintaining uniform brightness across the entire screen. With the P2 Jr., however, I measured the brightness uniformity at 90%. That is excellent for any projector, and downright outstanding for a pico projector.

Connectivity. The P2 Jr. offers four connectors that allow a wide range of connection options. In particular, the mini-HDMI connector lets you connect smartphones, tablets, and other devices that support MHL (Mobil High-Definition Link), as I proved by connecting a Samsung Galaxy S3 in my tests. The full list:

  • 1 mini HDMI
  • 1 proprietary connector for the included VGA cable ending in a male DB-15, or the included AV cable ending in three male RCA plugs for composite video and stereo audio
  • 1 USB A for reading files from a USB key
  • 1 microSD card slot for reading files from a memory card.
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Limitations and Conclusion
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