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AAXA P2 Jr. Projector AAXA P2 Jr.
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1000:1 Contrast Ratio
55 Lumens
Street Price: n/a

AAXA P2 Jr. Multimedia
Pico Projector

Marc Davidson, June 27, 2013

AAXA tends to build projectors that are a little different from everyone else's, mostly in a good way. The AAXA P2 Jr. pico projector carries on in that tradition, with a seductively small size and light weight, a surprisingly bright image for the size, a claimed two-hour battery life, and the kind of polished good looks that makes you think consumer electronics instead of techy computer peripheral.

The P2 Jr. has about the same shape as a tin of candy mints, with rounded corners and a mostly white case set off by a shiny black top. It's not much larger than a tin of mints either, which makes it easy to fit in a shirt pocket or keep in your laptop bag as a constant traveling companion.

Like most pico projectors, the P2 Jr. is built around a DLP chip paired with an LED light source, with the LEDs meant to last the life of the unit, and rated at 15,000 hours in this case. The 55-lumen rating isn't particularly high, but it's within the typical range for a small projector, and more than enough to be useful.

Very much on the plus side is the P2 Jr.'s ability to show images from a variety of sources, with support for both the usual connection options, including HDMI, and also for choices that enhance portability, including USB memory keys, SD cards, and smartphones. If you're looking for a pico projector suitable for anything from business presentations to watching a movie, the P2 Jr. is an obvious contender at a more than reasonable $199.99 street.

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