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ASK IMPRESSION 970 User Reviews

ASK IMPRESSION 970 Projector


XGA (1024x768), 400 ANSI Lumens,
27.5 lbs, $9,995 (MSRP)
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2.6 out of 5
6 User Ratings
Image Quality 3.3
Features 2.5
Construction 1.8
Ease of Use 3.2
Reliability 2.2
Value for Money 2.7

User Reviews

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Review by Bob

It's huge and loud. Afterall the picture is pretty good (1024x768) and surely it's cheap if you find it somewhere to purchase. I could recommend it for the DIY people couse it's hw can be easily tweaked.

Review by Mark

The other reviewers were right. The ballast died in mine a month after I bought it. A new ballast costs more than a new projector...

Review by Cade

I've gone through 3 in a year. The ballasts are at the end of their life. STAY AWAY FROM THESE!!!

Any Problems: 3 Ballasts in 3 of these projectors have gone out on me in the past year! STAY AWAY FROM THESE!!!!

Review by pn

Firstly, mines been converted to run on Tungston Halogen bulbs, £3 a pair. It's huge, noisy too. That said the image is really good, and second hand this is a lot lbetter option than newer projectors. The XGA is worth paying extra for - at 100" it pixelation isn't an issue at normal veiwing distance - even close its not a problem. Connectors are funny, doesn't use a standard VGA for computer conection, awkward if you can't get one with cables. All in all I'm happy - for a cheap second hand projector its really rather good.

Any Problems: Size, noise, gets warm. Non standard VGA connection. Probably great in rear projection mode, where its out of the way.

Review by Bob

This projector is huge and noisy. The ballasts for the metal-halide bulbs in these things are gonna die any day now, mine already did.

Any Problems: I have had a ballast go out in one. A ballast for this thing is more than 3 of these projectors would cost.

Review by Kalle

This is a big thing. But it has a good image quality and the replacement lamp is cheap... and you can get them for a low cost second hand.

Any Problems: It's big... And if you get an old projector the fan may make some noise.