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This screen is out-of-production.
Motorized projection screen. Easy to hang on the wall or ceiling. Power consumption 100W. Somfy engine inside- 5 years of guarantee. ASS system- vibration damper. White painted aluminum case. Easy to control and program. Wire steering or remote control (option). Easy to integrate with central control systems. White Ice g=1,2, Matt White g=1,0, Matt Grey g=0,8, Glass Beaded 2,5 or New Coral g=3,2 (rear projection) projection surface. Available in formats 4:3 and 16:9 also with black borders (BB) and black top (BT).

Cumulus II 18 1:1 180x180 cm 11 kg
Cumulus II 21 1:1 210x210 cm 13 kg
Cumulus II 24 1:1 240x240 cm 15 kg
Cumulus II 18/14 4:3 180x135 cm 10 kg
Cumulus II 21/16 4:3 210x160 cm 12 kg
Cumulus II 24/18 4:3 240x180 cm 14 kg
Cumulus II 27/20 4:3 270x202 cm 16 kg
Cumulus II 30/23 4:3 300x225 cm 18 kg
Cumulus II 18/10 16:9 180x102 cm 9 kg
Cumulus II 21/12 16:9 210x118 cm 11 kg
Cumulus II 24/14 16:9 240x135 cm 13 kg
Cumulus II 27/15 16:9 270x152 cm 15 kg
Cumulus II 30/17 16:9 300x169 cm 17 kg

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