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As the season of joy approached and communities around the world looked for holiday cheer this year, production company Famous Artists Limited brought together creative minds, musical talent and powerful technology for the world premiere production of "An Immersive Christmas Carol"—a socially safe audio-visual experience in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Illuminating the Roedde House Museum, Joel Grinke, an experiential designer and creative director for this project, used nine Epson LightScene accent lighting laser projectors to captivate and immerse visitors as they safely walked through Charles Dickens' heartwarming Christmas tale.

With a holiday season that is much different this year, Bill Allman, producer at Famous Artists Limited, and Grinke wanted to create a safe outing that the entire community could enjoy. Talks of the production took place several years back, but Allman and Grinke saw the opportunity to make it happen this year with the help of partners and family members. With original music composed by Matt Grinke and Epson's LightScene laser projectors illuminating the way, guests experienced all the chains clanking, spirits appearing and voices swirling as they witnessed the shadows of Christmas past, present and future, while feeling as if they were walking in the very slippers of Ebenezer Scrooge.

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"This project has been rattling my brain for years and with everything going on this year, Allman and I knew the community needed something like this to raise holiday spirits," said Grinke. "It's was a quick process bringing everything together and one of the biggest wins was when Epson came onboard. At that moment, we knew we could pull this off as the visual and audio aspects are the key components that truly bring Dickens' story to life."

"An Immersive Christmas Carol," which ran for 11 days in mid-December, took guests through an innovative audio-visual experience inside the rare Victorian home that belonged to Vancouver's first bookbinder, Gustav Roedde. Without taking away from the charm of the nineteenth century home, the Epson LightScene laser projectors remained hidden with their unique spotlight form-factor, simple installation and 360-degree rotation. Powered by laser technology and the ability to project virtually anywhere, the LightScene projectors delivered bright, vivid images to help immerse guests into Scrooge's journey to becoming a kinder, gentler man.

"We wanted to produce a fun, holiday experience that allowed visitors to engage in the story of Scrooge, while staying safe, as we headed towards the tail-end of a tough year," said Allman. "It was encouraging to watch Grinke pull together individuals and partners in a short amount of time to bring it all to life. The Epson projectors are the power behind the illumination of this experience and delivered the captivating visual elements we were looking for."

Epson LightScene EV-100
Epson's LightScene projector, with its camouflaged spotlight form factor, descreetly provided visual effects for the event.

"It is always inspiring to watch the creative community use projection as a medium to create unique experiences," said Remi Del Mar, product manager, Epson America, Inc. "It is even more heartwarming to see these experiences reinvented during difficult times to bring communities together and the spirit of the season to life. This creative team of holiday heroes worked hard to deliver inspiring and safe fun this season, and we were happy to work with them as they continued to break the boundaries of possibilities."

Epson supported "An Immersive Christmas Carol" by lending the projectors free of charge. For more information about Roedde House Museum, visit

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About Famous Artists Limited

This Vancouver-based production company takes its name—with founder Hugh Pickett's blessing—from one of the city's legendary promotion companies. Run by Bill Allman and Associate Producer Kathleen Gibbs, Famous Artists Ltd. has brought, among others, The Glenn Miller Orchestra, The Nylons and Will Millar (of the Irish Rovers) to stages in British Colombia. The company is also the proud presenter of Ruth Nichol and Jeff Hyslop in the touring production of A.R. Gurney's classic play, "Love Letters" and the Christmas musical, "Mrs. Claus' Kitchen", the company's first foray into musical theatre. For more information visit,

About The Roedde House Museum

Gustav and Matilda Roedde settled in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada in 1888. Gustav became Vancouver's first bookbinder while working for the Vancouver News Advertiser. In 1890 he opened his own bookbinding business and by 1893 built a house in the new West End neighborhood. The Roedde House Preservation Society is dedicated to the preserving, maintaining and enhancing of the Roedde House Museum and to presenting heritage exhibits and programs reflecting the early history of Vancouver for the benefit and enjoyment of present and future generations. For more information visit,

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