Barco projects at the biggest water festival on earth

KORTRIJK, Belgium, 16 July 2008. Barco, a world leader in projection technologies, is proud to announce that its CLM R10+ compact DLP projector was selected for use at this year's Expo Zaragoza 2008. More than thirty CLM R10+ projectors are installed at different locations, across five pavilions. Running from 14 June to 14 September in the city of Zaragoza, Spain, the international exposition expects to attract over six million visitors.

This year's Expo theme is "Water and sustainable Development" and Zaragoza has made enormous efforts to construct the exposition site completely in line with its environmental theme. Expo Zaragoza 2008, labeled the biggest water festival on earth, features 140 pavilions and presents 5,000 shows in 13 different venues including a daily parade by Cirque du Soleil called The Awakening of the Serpent. Its most emblematic buildings are the Water Tower, an 80-metre high transparent building designed by Enrique de Teresa to evoke a drop of water, Spanish Pavilion and the river aquarium.

The CLM R10+ projectors are installed in five pavilions by three of Barco's Spanish rental partners; Lunatus (Agua Extrema, Arabia Saudi and Emiratos Arabes Pavilions), Marzo Producciones para Bassat & Ogilvy (Andalucia Pavilion) and Go Producciones Técnicas (España Pavilion).

A total of thirteen CLM R10+ projectors are used in Agua Extrema's Main Room. The show focuses on the dangers of water when not under control, and how humanity can cause, effect and avoid the effects of that situation. The Tsunami Room is set up as a small cinema where visitors can experience the feeling of being caught in a tsunami. Two blended CLM R10+ projectors take viewers within a raging tsunami, while the floor platform moves in sync with the content.

The CLM R10+ is the ideal choice for horizontal and vertical soft edge blending, as demonstrated in the Saudi Arabia Pavilion where four CLM R10+ projectors are used to create an 18 meter wide screen. In the Arab Emirates Pavilion, visitors can see two CLM R10+ projectors blended in a retro projection mode; all six of them demonstrate the complex relationship between land and water.

"The CLM R10+ is perfect for these kinds of events," says Andrew Healey, Global Marketing Manager for Barco Events business. "Our compact 10,000 lumen DLP projector has quickly gained a reputation in the market for delivering crisp, clean video and graphic images with a punch. Their compact size, light weight and low noise levels make the CLM digital projectors the ideal solution for both small and midsize venues."

The Zaragoza International Exposition site is located in a meander of the river Ebro next to the Metropolitan Water Park. The fair is open to the public daily from 10 o'clock until 9 o'clock each evening.

About Barco
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