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BenQ MS510 User Reviews

BenQ MS510 Projector

BenQ MS510

SVGA (800x600), 2700 ANSI Lumens,
5.7 lbs, $549 (MSRP)
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4.3 out of 5
9 User Ratings
Image Quality 4.9
Features 4.2
Construction 3.7
Ease of Use 4.8
Reliability 3.9
Value for Money 4.4

User Reviews

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Review by Patrick

Purchased for €310 including delivery 5 years ago. Brightness: Excellent. Colours are well saturated and balanced out of the box. Contrast seems excellent for most material. Shadow details are lost in darker areas of dark scenes which is made worse if watching with ambient light but is apparent in total darkness too (night scenes, alien - the reveal of the nostromo), but usually acceptable to good (Star Wars doesn't suffer). Fan noise is apparent if not using eco mode. Overall picture is a lot better than the price.

Any Problems: None whatever

Canon WUX500
WUXGA Conference Room Projector
Review by MFortGarry

HORRIBLE BenQ Customer Service

Any Problems: Purchased BenQ MS510 projector... great picture but fan was not working properly. Bulb lasted less than 1,100 hours, returned it for repairs while under warranty. Repair shop said it was just a bad bulb. New bulb lasted less than first one, blew up from overheating. Again took it for repairs (now of course after warranty expired), was told it was bad bulb... again. Put in new bulb, unit would not stay on. Was told by BenQ technical support that if it was not bulb's fault, BenQ would repair under original warranty. Took it back to repair shop, was told the fan wasn't working. BenQ then refuses to repair under warranty. Have spent HOURS trying to rectify situation, bounced from one rep to another, left my contact info countless times and have NOT ONCE received a call back....

Review by Brandscaping

have to edit my previous review. I've had this projector for about 2 years, and it worked great up until the last two months. I first noticed one dead pixel. And then another. and then another. Soon (2 weeks) there were so many (easily a 1000) dead pixels, that it's virtually unwatchable (my wife manages to look past the bright white spots on the screen, but I can't) The whole unit only cost $335CDN, which works out to $167.50 per year, so I guess I can't really complain. We use the heck out of our projectors, but it seems odd that the light engine failed before the bulb. Currently looking for a replacement, but not sure if this one will be Benq

Any Problems: at just under the 2year mark, dead pixels started showing up on the screen. No way to fix it, and it got worse exponentially, to the point of unusability.

Review by Mystirio

I have had the projector for almost a year and I love it. I have been shopping a good projecter at a good price for 10 years and found this one for 300$ at Stapples. I project the image on 92 inch 16:9 screen and it's wonderful both for movies and video games on my PS3.For somebody like me, with a thight budget, it's a real blessing. My friends come over to watch movies or play games and they love it, It's cheaper than a big sceen tv and way more fun.

Review by Mr Kruse

Its a amazing projector !! i was little skeptic , the price was only 299 $ - and with HDMI Blueray disc its fantastic ! im in little chock i have tryed alot of other projectors ... that cost 3500 $ that is very close to this product .... BUY IT !!

Any Problems: not yet ... little noisy when its warm

Review by George

I bought this projector just over a year ago , paid under $300.00 for it . It an awesome machine, awesome picture (HDMI Connection) one of the best purchases Ive ever made, if you are looking for something to watch sporting events, movies this is it what a feaking deal , only one con is this adjustable leg is flimsy,but with that said , I would recommend this projector . but take in mind it is an entry level machine,but performs like $600/$800 ones in my opinion.

Any Problems: flimsy adjustable leg. thats it!

Review by mkoch sch

First projector. Bought for $300 at Staples Canada in March of 2011. So far I've watched DVD movies using homemade 3-RCA Component Video to HD15 (VGA) cable (note: component can be wired equivalent to VGA in these circumstances) with the DVD in Progressive Scan mode (480p), with the picture projected onto a white roller blind bought from Home Depot (don't laugh it works). The picture looks ... damn good for what it is, as good or better than a buddy's $6K system from five years ago I'd say. I've also used my netbook VGA out to the VGA in with the supplied cable to watch downloaded Xvid movies. This is where a poor quality downloaded movie may show itself for what it is. The usual problems. Keep those bit rates up! Great for extending or cloning the laptop monitor though. I also patched a composite cable from the TV's out to watch a recent sporting event (the Brier), but composite looks not so nice with a 480i signal when projected to a 5' screen. Don't expect miracles. Only if you have to. I haven't used a blu-ray with HDMI cable yet but I'm betting it'll look slightly better than the DVD with Component out which means really good. Portable. Remote. Works with the Wii. 3D! Buying was a no brainer.

Review by John Meyer

I bought the MS510 to fill the gap between the slow demise of my Mitsubishi HD1000 (720P) and the eventual arrival of affordable LED 1080P units. I was disappointed by the fact a few weren't introduced at CEDIA 2010. Like the poster above, I got the 510 for $299 from Staples. This is about 30% less than the cost of a replacement bulb for the Mistubishi. In short, the MS510 is a little killer. Colour is great and so is brightness. Contrast is at least as good as the HD1000. End result an amazingly good picture with tons of POP. The 800x600 resolution is a trip back in time but the screen door effect really isn't noticable - much better than the Infocus X1 of yesteryear. I have yet to see any rainbows. Lamp life of 4000-6000 hours. At the special price of $299 (Canadian Staples) this is a deal which can't be beat. Cheers, John Meyer

Review by Brandscaping

I've had a Benq PB6100 for the past 5 years. Loved it - used it as the main TV in our home. it easily saw 1100+ hours per year. Changed the bulb once because it was getting darker - but kept it as a spare, just in case. Long story short, it died last weekend. Bad capacitor on one board (replaced) - still no joy. Saw an ad at Staples for the Benq MS510 - $200 instant rebate = $299. (tax in, $335Canadian) Yes, native resolution is 800x600, but it will handle up to 1600x1200, pretty sure that covers 1080p. For just over $300, I've got a projector that is brighter and better than the one that I have loved for the past 5 years. Can't see a downside to this purchase yet - hope this helps anyone looking for more info.