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BenQ PB2120 User Reviews

BenQ PB2120 Projector

BenQ PB2120

SVGA (800x600), 1200 ANSI Lumens,
3.8 lbs, $1,195 (MSRP)
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4.9 out of 5
8 User Ratings
Image Quality 4.6
Features 4.6
Construction 5.0
Ease of Use 5.0
Reliability 5.0
Value for Money 5.0

User Reviews

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Review by Nicotine

For the price good.... even during the daytime or when the lights are on in my room..looks really clean and bright. easy to use menu. best $1000cnd i have spent in a while!

Any Problems: my only beef. the vga to vga cable that comes with it (for running it as a 2nd monitor), is only 6 feet..should be 12 to 15 AT LEAST..but...can't expect the world i guess :\

Review by Kwong sum

Got it cheap in Canada. Very easy to use and portable.

Any Problems: Throw distant is high for larger screen. Need VGA to component cable for progressive DVD player

Review by LL

Maybe the PB6100 is more ideal for homeuse, due to it's low light/lamp saver mode (or "cinema black" as others may call it..) - but i haven't got this tested yet. The PB2120 is more in the ultraportable business projector segment, and for the price paid (sub $1000) it's a killer! However I'm testing it as home cinema right now, just got off watching MI2, Matrix Reloaded + Revolutions on it and are VERY impressed. The ambient colors, skintones, skin/graphic details and "John Woo pan's" in MI2 were presented better than I've seen before on the three projectors I've had in my livingroom. Colors actually match almost perfectly my Sony Trinitron TV! I also enjoyed details in the dark backgrounds everywhere in The Matrix I haven't been able to see before! The greentoned colors present in the Matrix Program are also very subtle and less obtrusive than on my regular projector, just like i think the wachovsky brothers intension was with this "tweak". My regular projector is a Davis DLX650 (xga, 800 lumen/800:1) which is FAR more noisy (whining colorwheel), and of a much earlier generation DLP - seems almost medevial when compared to this little rascal ;o) It really seems the PB2120 has all the colors in the world to play with, contrast is very good, noise is microscopic when you're behind it - in front you CAN hear the colorwheel through the venting grid at low levels - but my DLX650 seems like 40dB's louder, only "disappering" in loud car chases and battle scenes ;o) Looking more forward to test the PB6100 or 6200 than ever..

Any Problems: I like the movie to be the only light in the room, and this projector is bright! You can't adjust the output so that the black bars in "16:9" movies disappeares completely to black. You get light in 4:3 anyhow, this can be eliminated by just a little indirect light in the room, but then you loose a little contrast.. When I watch movies on my DLX650 i adjust brightness so that these bars *just* disappeares, but the lumens on this one is almost half of the PB2120... All in all i would recommend this unit without hesitation, you get the functions and connections you pay for - and a lot more in terms of colors and contrast! *Oh, and yes I just saw my first rainbows! I blinked sleepily during ending credits (rolling white text on black) of MI2, and actually saw some red and green at the edges of some letters.. Heh.. Think I could live with that ;o)

Review by penry_the_mild_mannered_janitor

Superb value for money. The picture quality is stunning and it scales XGA computer signals very well. Small, light well constructed body is a doddle to transport. I don't know why pepole are moaning about the size of the remote control, it's dinky size is fab. Very adaptable, pick up the thing and go. Great with a laptop, watching the footie and superb for movies.

Any Problems: Large throw distance required, use the projector calc feature on this site to see what I mean. Also back light means it really has to be ceiling mounted to avoid annoying light when watching movies. Found the lens cap a bit fiddly. I like the cool sony ones.

Review by Krish

best value for money in its class. the one watt built in speaker and the low operating noise are a real plus.

Any Problems: remote is tiny. pip feature offered by this projector should not be mistaken with the pip feature of TVs. whereas in TVs more that one channel can be viewed using pip, in this projector it is more than one source. that is, you can watch a video even as your main screen is showing a computer video output.

Review by DP

W O W ! that is all i can say. yet another bright high contrast picture coming from an excellent well experienced company. yet this time in a smaller package. very small and at only 3.8 pounds is a major convienience. high contractwith true to life color. don't worry about rainbow effect on any DLP projector. truth is, DLP is the best out theren that money can buy. there are not many connections however with aproject that small who wants to keep it connected to one place. take it some where. extraordinary for home theatre or ppt. hands down, with out a doubt, get your own now.

Any Problems: does not have too many connections although s video is very universal.

Review by Alex badia

Works great!!. I´ve had a lot of projectors and sinceresly this is the best. Great value for its cost. Bright colors, great contrast incredible quality and very small. Very silent. It´s an Excellent Projector!

Any Problems: NONE

Review by yellowSnoMan

Very light weight and small. The image quality is good with black being black and so on. Dark to dim setting is a must. For the money this projector does the job and it is for people who wants big screen for the cheap. With higher Lumens and 2000:1 contrast, its better than some projectors with little specs., for the same price. Movies are acceptable only in dark settings. HDTV compatable is a plus and handle 1280 X 1024 very well.

Any Problems: Little glow around the boarders, common with DLP, but not bother-some. Remote is very tiny. VGA to Componet adapter not include to use componet RCA devices. (DVD, HDTV)