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BenQ PB6100 User Reviews

BenQ PB6100 Projector

BenQ PB6100

SVGA (800x600), 1500 ANSI Lumens,
5.6 lbs, $999 (MSRP)
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4.5 out of 5
252 User Ratings
Image Quality 4.6
Features 4.2
Construction 4.4
Ease of Use 4.7
Reliability 4.4
Value for Money 4.7

User Reviews

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Review by merlinthemage

is a Benq!!! excelente resolution, a good DLP device, could be better if this proyector had a better lamp more lúmenes.

Any Problems: a candle light may have more lumens than this, the power light is very poor

Review by luis villegas

I couldn't resist the price. I picked one up on ebay for $125 with a near new lamp. Considering its only an SVGA projector it preform better than expected. Little wonder this jewel was so popular in '04 for entry level HT on a tight budget. Easy to set up runs quiet and delivers a beautiful image even from my old LD player.

Any Problems: Twice "video" mode did the it over temp. Running it in cinema mode with no problems.

Review by kevcol74

Bought the PB6100 5 years ago, and although I don't use it alot, it hasn't failed me in any way yet! More reliable than the Epson Powerlite my brother owns (his second due to dead pixels) When in controlled lighting, its a nice clear and crisp picture. Excellent bang for the buck!

Review by GARY K

1600 hrs on bulb, on still going ,like new.i guess mine was bult on a friday.bought in kelowna b.c. canada. 700 cad. rebate mailed back 20 days later.

Any Problems: none.

Review by Ripster

I got it 3 1/2 years ago for $800 on a xmas sale, this is one the best electronics purchases i have ever made. It has a fantastic picture with VGA for games and DVD/media through the computer, very accurate colors and detail. The durability really impresses me, this thing has seen trips to Europe, house moves, been thrown around a lot. It might just be luck but the bulb life is amazing. I use it in video mode not eco mode and I am going on 4000 hours at least, i've lost track to be honest but it is still running strong! Too bad they don't sell these any more, I hope they keep selling replacement bulbs if mine ever needs one because i will definitely get it.

Any Problems: Some light leakage but not enough to be a problem. Occasional fan screech that seem to have disappeared by itself for some reason, maybe dust is lubeing it now :) It's not great with s-video or composite. VGA is perfect though, HD on xbox 360 was sweet.

Review by John

Best projector I've owed yet. No problems what so ever. Have had it for over a year and not one problem! My next projector purchase will definitely be another one of these.

Any Problems: None.

Review by JiminChico

After one year I am very pleased with this projector. I saw this thing on sale for less than $500 with rebate, I just had to give it a try. I converted a spare bedroom into a theatre, it’s only a 11 x 10 foot room, so the throw distance is about 10 feet. It’s mounted upside down on a shelf at the back wall. Screen is blackout cloth from the local fabric store. Signal is S-Video. I painted the room walls dark, and put a couch in the back of the room, so the viewing distance is about 10 feet. Everyone has been very impressed with the picture, and I'm using it in economy mode. None of them have seen any rainbow problems. The remote works just fine bouncing off the screen. I’ve had no problems so far.

Review by Mauro

Excellent with DVD and HD.Poor with TV. Excelente para ver DVD´s e Divx de qualidade!

Any Problems: After 1000 hours and 2 years i have problems with the lamp. white places in screen! Tenho problemas com a Lâmpada devido a aquecimento!!!!

Review by Deerguy

The short and sweat of it is I love it. I've had it about 2 years now just changed the bulb at 2996 hours and it was still working great. I played it safe and changed it. I would buy it again no regrets.

Review by Loo

I have had this projector for 2 years now. We don’t have a TV so all our watching is done on the projector and we are thrilled with it. It is easy to install, easy to use, a joy to watch, and great quality. It is high up on my personal list of "best buys"!

Any Problems: After 2 years and a lot of enjoyable watching my bulb needs replacing. no problem though.

Review by David

The image quality is average. The brightness cannot possibly be 1500 lumens. It is worthless with light on - completely worthless. The colors are average at best. It does a very poor job displaying reds.

Any Problems: Unit has been very reliable, just disappointed with brightness and lack of color quality.

Review by Kevin Lasenby

I'm going on 19 months and 2100 hours of regular use to project TV, DVD and Xbox. I have been *very* imressed with this projector, it has a good clear picture and when it can be found for $700CDN with rebates, its the best option out there. I'm not saying its the best projector out there but its definitely strong competition for value!

Any Problems: Bulb says 3000 hours, I've run on Economy mode for 90% of my viewing but the lamp is warning me about image degredation at 1900 hours. The image is getting poor, colours are blending and whites are starting to glow. Still, $400 for a new bulb and 3 years later I'm only at $ for me!

Review by acronym

I'm now 18 months into using a Benq 6100 projector. I've found many months after buying it that it is nothing like what Benq advertises. It was advertised at 1500 lumens. It has proven to be 800 or less lumens. It was advertised as having a 3x color wheel, it has a 2x color wheel. I would seriously reconsider any purchase from Benq, I'm surprised there is no class-action suit against them for mis-representation.

Any Problems: right around 400 hours, the projector started to flicker. Benq support said the lamp is out of warranty and will need to be replaced by me ($400). They just play stupid knowing that when my second lamp dies, the projector will be out of warranty.

Review by Dave

I've now used this projector for over 4100 hours without a problem.Great unit for the money.I only wish bulbs were less expensive,as they cost half as much as the projector did new.All the companies screw you on the bulbs though.Excellent through vga hookup.

Any Problems: none

Review by 12 months of use - Satisfaction High

I've had PB6100 for 12 mo. Flawless performance. Many negative quality/feature posts look like people who did not research their purchase (no idea what they were buying) or have not configured, cabled or calibrated the unit properly. Suggest ECO mode - picture is actually better IMHO - for longer life. Buy a calibration DVD - all projector brands need to be calibrated.

Any Problems: Just more comments. Composite video just magnifies a bad picture - deal with it. Progressive scan component video looks best/beautiful. This is not rocket science. The better the source - if cabled /calibrated the better the viewing experience.

Review by Ripster

This is a fantastic projector so far after 800+ hours. I run everything through my PC (DVD, TV, games, internet) using a long VGA cable. I live in a small apartment and it works very well here, with a 12 ft throw distance mounted on the ceiling. I sit 7 ft from the screen and the pixels are visible, but it doesn't really seem to matter the picture is so good. Full screen TV is not very good quality due to the tuner (I just shrink the TV window to a size where it looks good) that I'm using but games and DVD, man o man sweet. Considering that this thing cost $600 after the rebate, I think it is one of the best deals i've ever scored.

Any Problems: I initially got a PB6200 that died miserably after abot 5 hours of use. I took it back and got a full refund. I was a bit dismayed by benq after that, but i decided to try one more time with the 6100. Some people that have been over and seen it complain of the rainbow effect, but I can't see it unless I shake my head violently from side to side.

Review by big daddy



Review by Teluan

15 month follow up: Well, after 15 months of using the BenQ 6100 in my dedicated home theatre room, I thought I’d write another review for those who are interested in this inexpensive projector (Note: current model number is BenQ 6110). Original review can be found here A quick recap on my setup: - BenQ 6100 (now with 879 hours on th bulb with no apparently loss of light output) - An Athalon XP 2400+ HTPC (used mostly for DVDs) - Panasonic SEH-70 Dolby Digital/DTS 5.1 receiver - Xbox (soon to be an Xbox 360) - A recently added Bell ExpressVu 9200 HDTV DVR/PVR 250GB HDD (same as Dish 942 in the US) - 850 watts of sound power (350 just for the sub) My BenQ 6100 is mounted 16.5 feet from the screen with a seating distance of 11.5 feet. I am running all video signals to the projector over a 15 foot VGA cable, with a cheap ($20) VGA 4 way switchbox (works just fine with component as well…you can find the VGA to component pin outs in the link below) that switches from HTPC, HDTV and my Xbox with ease. My screen is simply a white wall (Behr Ultra White paint from Home Depot) where I am projecting an 8 foot wide picture. I am running the projector in Game Mode for the Xbox, Vivid mode for the HTPC, and Vivid mode for HDTV. First things first let me share with you a few things that I do not like about the BenQ 6100: - The auto source (scans the inputs looking for a signal to lock onto) keeps turning off for some unknown reason. I am constantly having to manually scan through the different source inputs, finally locking on, then go into the setup menu and turn auto source on again. Auto source works anywhere from an hour to no more than a day or 2 then it turns off again without warning? It’s not too big a deal, but it is annoying. - Every now and again, when switching between sources (got worse once I had the switchbox), the projector would loose a colour (e.g. Red, Blue or Green) and the image would look out of whack (e.g. if I lost red, the image would look very green and bluish). The only way to rectify this problem is to power down the projector, wait for the fan to shut off (about 60 seconds) HARD power it down via the rocker switch on the back, wait a few seconds then power it back on again and everything works fine. The HARD power down is the ONLY thing that works, a soft power down and then on again will not resolve this issue (which indicates it is not a cable issue, but rather a projector issue). - Switching between sources is quite slow, sometimes it takes upwards of 15 to 20 seconds to go through all the sources and lock on. No big deal, but it would be nice if it was faster. I have not seen my Xbox start up screen ever since I got this projector (not really missing anything of course) - The remote sucks the big one. You have to point the remote directly at the projector for it to work and the buttons just feel cheep. - Not 16:9 which has become my only source of viewing, hence black bars on the top and bottom With this list of things that I do not like about the projector you might think that I was not satisfied…this is not at all the case! This was my first projector and my expectations were fairly high even though this was a low end unit. As you can read in my original review I was concerned that 800x600 would not be adequate (this resolution certainly on a PC sucks). This could not be further from the truth. No doubt a higher end projector would produce a crisper picture, but this little projector will please all but the most critical viewers. Friends and family are all VERY impressed when they see the image the 6100 produces and they comment on how good it looks and compare it frequently to the movie theatre. I know it sounds almost unbelievable, but the picture is really very good and very smooth looking. To reduce the screen door effect (which is already not bad on DLP projectors) and make the image look less digital, I slightly defocused the projector (a technique that seems to be build into some new higher end projectors). A quick comment on rainbows as this seems to be a huge concern for most people. I almost never see them, and when I ask others if they do, they are not even sure what I am talking about. Rainbows are a non issue for my audience. I recently got HDTV and to my surprise the image looks even better than a good quality DVD, though I am not sure how this is possible as the 6100 really can not display anymore pixels than a DVD? My HDTV receiver (Bell ExpressVU 9200 / Dish 942) can force the video feed to whatever resolution you want. I tried 16:9 480p first, but felt that the16:9 720p looks better and less digital. BTW, the DVR (digital video recorder) in the 9200/942 is awesome. I have been recording HD Lost, HD Invasion and tons on HD movies and watching them when ever I want. TV is much better when you can skip commercials (commercials kind of kill the movie ambiance experience of HDTV). One area that I was not expecting when I built my home theatre room was how much the whole family uses it especially my 3 year old daughter and 4.5 year old son. In fact, my kids use the home theatre more than I do. All of their friends come over and watch movies on rainy or cold days. I’ve had up to 9 kids in my home theatre room cheering and clapping watching movies like, the Incredibles, Cinderella, Monsters Inc. and Spy Kids 3, Shark Boy and Lava Girl 3D (yes 3D works on this projector very well) among many others. Yes…we have the cool house on the block. If I was to buy a projector today I would not hesitate to purchase the BenQ 6110 again. If I was to go higher end I would consider the Panasonic AE900 or Sanyo Z4 as the reviews look good and the price is right. If you have any questions, please feel free to post a reply of PM me. BTW Ara Derderian and Braden Russell from, I’d love to be a guest on your program to talk about my low cost home theatre room and how your listeners could join the fun. VGA to Component Pin Outs:

Review by AARON

ceiling mount picture is upside down

Any Problems: pictureis upside down cant pull up menu to go to osd positionn need help to properly adjust when pushing menu nothing comes up

Review by Jake99

I have had this projector for about 6 months. I use it in the basement for movies almost exclusively. For the money I would say this is an excellent home movie projector. I am able to control the ambient light in the room. While some light is okay it is definately a better experience in total darkness. A couple things that I do notice are; 1) Dark scenes can be overly dark with little detail 2) You will see Rainbows. I find them tolerable and is dependent onthe movie/scene. Anything with bright white beside a very dark. Overall it is not an issue for me. 3) A scene from a distance that is panning will look at little choppy, again, not a big issue. I built a ceiling mount that I found on this site and modified slightly. Cost about 10 dollars. Displaying on Panoview 84" 4:3 1X1 screen. Was going to build one but this seemed a lot easier and not too expensive. Overall for the money it's great. I expected the few image quality issues with a projector in this price range but am very happy with the actual image. It was not worth the considerable extra money to get a projector that solved the few minor issues. Images that are well lit and resonably close up to the subjects are excellent, as are animated movies. Definatley recommend to someone who wants a decent movie experience at a very good price.

Any Problems: Came DOA. Called BenQ they offered to replace but I went back to vendor and had them ship a replacement. No issues with the second one.