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BenQ PB6110 User Reviews

BenQ PB6110 Projector

BenQ PB6110

SVGA (800x600), 1500 ANSI Lumens,
6.4 lbs, $999 (MSRP)
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4.5 out of 5
31 User Ratings
Image Quality 4.5
Features 3.9
Construction 4.5
Ease of Use 4.7
Reliability 4.6
Value for Money 4.8

User Reviews

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Review by Lagavulin

Almost 9 years I've been using this projector (See my first review from 2006!) Still going strong and just ordered a replacement bulb for about $90 online. Very pleased with it.

Review by DJ

Just clocked up 3000 hours, never had a problem, having owned it for 7 years. Tossing up whether to get a new projector or a new globe!

Any Problems: horizontal keystone would be nice as, having moved house a lot, not every place has a room with the ideal format.

Review by EY

I have had this for over 2 years now and still like it. However, it could be better in showing dark areas and blacks. But, this may be because I don't have a proper screen. Overall though, I would recommend it to anyone looking for an entry level projector.

Any Problems: My remote died a couple months after owning it. It may be the battery but I haven't checked since I really don't need it.

Review by Tezool

Had mine for over a year. The picture is ok when images like faces are viewed big on the screen... but loses a lot of detail with smaller items due to it 800X600 native resolution.I picked mine up cheap as it had one dead pixel, but i hardly ever notice it and I've been happy with it since I bought it (apart from the occasional 'not wanting to turn on' problem - but i did get it cheap), but am currently looking for a higher definition projector to satisfy my need for higher picture clarity.

Review by Krishna

Had this for over a year and still no problems yet with this model. Picture quality is excellent at least good enough for me, this is my first projector. :)

Any Problems: None yet. I just wish there was a way to switch off between my LCD monitor and this projector with both connected without having to disconnect either one. Both have to be turned on at the same time or neither will work.

Review by Paul in Spain (again)

Over 1 year on and still no problems!!!! Living in spain can cause electrical problems with some devices and I had MAJOR power problems last winter. The power would trip in my house at least 2-3 times a night with the projector not having any cooling time. But, its still on the first bulb at 2,500 hours and going strong. DVD, satellite and X-Box images are not perfect but more than up to the job.

Any Problems: The wife using too many electrical items which trip the power!!! Any suggestions apart from divorce and eating out??

Review by Erik

I've had my PB6110 for a year now with over 1,000 hours on the bulb in eco mode, projected 16 feet away onto a 125" 16:9 fixed mount 1.3 gain screen and it's just breathtaking picture quality, i have my PC interpolated to 1280x768, and even text is still readable, also have Component to D-Subminiature cable for my dvd player and HD set-top box, everythings been fantastic in my 100% dark room. This projector still rivals my newer Benq MP610. it's fantastic. No rainbow effect for my whole duration of ownership.

Any Problems: remote up and died 5 mos ago, solved with $99 harmony. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE D-Sub to Component cable for this projector to really shine!

Review by Lagavulin

Found this online for $900 after taxes, shipping, etc. Great deal. GOod picture, i do notice the rainbow effect, particularly with black & white movies, but for the price, it's forgivable. We have taken it camping, projecting the image on a bedsheet strung up between trees, have used it at work, and in our theater at home. It's great...

Review by Felipe

I bought this one and I´m so happy with this. For the price I paid, is a very nice choice. The rainbow effect is not a problem at all. You barely notice some times, but this is not disturbing at all. Very Easy to use.

Any Problems: This is not really a problem, but this is better to use in a very dark room.

Review by Jason

This is not an hdtv projector. While yes it will display better resoloution than standard definition. The native res determines the hdtv capabilities. native is 800x600 , minimum hdtv native has to be 1280x720.. thanks Great projector minus the fact its not hdtv

Review by Lenko

Great value for money projector. For those in the PAL world ( 576 lines ) this projector great as its 600X800 native resolution is nearly a perfect fit. This projector has a better throw then the 6100 ( old model ). I'm projecting 90" from 4 meters. If you suffer from rainbows then best to try before you buy. I hardly notice them and dont know any one that does. Colors are great and quite natural. Works best in a dark room, but some ambient light is ok. Component, progressive scanned signal produces a much better end result than S-Video or Composite. Component to VGA cable would have been handy. If your on a budget dont look any further.

Review by MacLeod

I've had the projector for about 1 month now. I'm projecting onto a 120" 4:3 screen. Overall I am happy with this projector as an entry level machine but in retrospect I would have spent a little more money for a superior Benq model. The 06110 is defiantly good value. 770 watts of 7.1 surround sound and a 10' screen.....can't complain too much!

Any Problems: A little bit of rainbow effect. Some people can see it more readily; I only really notice it when I turn my head to the side or if I'm watching when I'm tired (for some reason). I also find the colour and tint settings a little tedious. The presets are off a bit and it takes a bit of playing with it to get the colour just right. Kind of a pain in the ass because you can't save your settings. It also takes a little hunting around to find a vga to rca component cable (you can find them on the internet easily but who wants to wait for shipping).

Review by raven

Just bought this projector, after reading the reviews on this site, thanks to everyone for the info, projecting on plain wall w/o comp to svga cable and looks good, just picked up cable for $34.00 so cant wait to get screen and do it right, even my wife thinks its great! my bro just spent $2400.00 on sony big screen tv & already wants one of these, there is no other way 2 go.

Any Problems: none

Review by superpowter77

Amazing picture, I made a huge research before buy it this baby, saw other projectors(7) under $900 range, and this one definitely has a better picture quality, it's HDTV compatible. the catch you'll get it only thru the VGA 15 pin connector, had to spend $69 to get a quality composite to vga cable, once you have it installed, you won't believe how sharp and beautiful is the image, specially from windows xp and movies. got the signals from my AIW X800XT and a yamaha dvd progressive player. Got a amazing picture from my toshiba laptop which comes with a ilink/firewire port, however had to buy a expensive, firewire video converter.

Any Problems: None, I wish it would have come with composite and DVI connectors.

Review by Paul in Spain

Well, i´ve been shopping around for a budget projector for my home for some time and had thought about many different models and technologies including beinf stuck on the dlp/lcd debate for some time. Needn´t have worried though as I am truly over the moon with the Benq 6110. Out of the box it is simple as pie to set up and took a little more time to adjust the settings to work in conjunction with my satellite receiver, prog scan dvd and video...but wow...worth the time and effort. Projected onto a plain white wall the image on any of my inputs is clear and crisp and the colours have depth you would expect from way more expensive units. I´m on 66 hours after only 2 weeks and i´d hate to go to anything smaller than the 8´ x 5´(approx) i get at the moment. Would wholeheartedly recommend this unit, way better than any of the Sanyo, InFocus, Epson or Panasonic units i used to sell back in the uk!!!

Any Problems: Just one thing (and i think i´d get with any projector) its a little difficult to watch programming with a lot of black in the daytime. I think i just need to invest in some heavier curtains!!!

Review by Steve

Got this for $719 free shipping (most places) and BenQ has a current rebate (July 2005) of a FREE REPLACEMENT BULB!!! I just got my projector late yesterday and have only had minimal time to “test-drive” it. To put it briefly, WOW! When I first fired it up I was a little disappointed. I was projecting on a Beige wall, as my screen has not arrived. I was using the s-video connection from my Direct TV HD receiver. I then connected my component video breakout cable and this made a slight noticeable difference. Then I started making adjustments to the various settings and now I have a picture that is amazing. Then I made an interesting discovery. I didn’t realize that my HD receiver had to be manually set for the proper resolution to be processed. It had all along been at the lowest resolution setting 480p/I, I then set it to 1080i and this further improved the picture. For now the room has an unacceptable amount of light during the day but even with that the picture is quite good. When the room has some minimal lighting or even light free, the picture is bright and sharp. Even projecting on the wall generates contrast and color that far exceeds my Big Screen TV. Add on top of that the fact that I am now seeing the picture at 92” diagonal to my previous 52” diagonal! Even with dual fans it is pretty quite. I had it sitting for now on a table beside me and only noticed any fan noise if I made it a point to listen for it. I would suggest that you check all of your systems settings and tweak all of the settings before you give a final perspective of the picture quality.

Any Problems: New

Review by Public Service

Good things come in pairs! This Projector from Benq and a component to VGA cable at 99 SEK. Cheap and good. More money for DVD:s and computer games!

Any Problems: Nope!

Review by Akiyoo

I bought it last weekend, hook up with my Satellite TV and Panasonic DVD player. The picture quality for DVD player with VGA cable is good but the quality with Satellite TV is really bad. Small objects become blur ....

Any Problems: I don't see the brightness and constrast of the projector, seem like very dark the movie from my Satellite TV and DVD player when I set it to ECO Mode to safe my lamp life. Anyone got the same problem ?

Review by Martin Pedersen / Denmark

I started out using a composite cabel on this projektor. Naturally I wasn't happy with the picture quality, så I bought a "component to VGA" cabel. This improved the picture quality, this and my new Pioneer DV-470 with progressive scan. So if you consider buying this projektor check out the prices on component cabels and check if your dvd player has component out!! In the price range its a great buy. Not much rainbows (at least for me), low noise and high color/contrast.

Any Problems: Component connection only through VGA port. Had to get a custum cable manufactured, was pretty expensive. Check the price on the cable before buying the projektor, and consider the 5120 which has DVI. THIS DOESNT!

Review by Jeff

I was torn between getting the Infocus X2 and this one, as I wanted something to use before I fully upgrate to HDTV in a year or two. After a lot of research found this would be better for video. I'm extremely pleased. Picture quality is great. No Rainbow effect. Bright even on a white wall.