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BenQ W1070 User Reviews

BenQ W1070 Projector

BenQ W1070

HD 1080 (1920x1080), 2000 ANSI Lumens,
5.8 lbs, $1,099 (MSRP)
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4.2 out of 5
16 User Ratings
Image Quality 4.6
Features 4.3
Construction 4.0
Ease of Use 4.4
Reliability 3.8
Value for Money 4.2

User Reviews

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Review by Allan

I've had this projector for 2 years now, used in two separate homes. The first was mounted from an 11' ceiling onto a 100" screen and it was used as our primary television, so it got plenty of use. The room was by no means bright, but it was certainly high ambient light, and the projector performed decently during daytime. Overall pleased with performance in darkened scenarios, it outperformed the previous projector by a longshot (a 10 year old VPL-50 that had deteriorated). Second room this projector was installed in was a dedicated theater room, mounted on the rear wall and projecting a 140" screen. Still very pleased with picture, while I want to upgrade to a 4K, I can't justify spending $2K+ on a new projector while this one is still so good for so cheap. Cons are the projector does get warm, it makes fan noise, and leaks light. None of these greatly affect the watching experience, even with the projector mounted ~3 feet directly over the viewers head. There was a short time of a few weekends where the projector would auto shut off after extended use, possibly due to overheating or lamp misalignment. I never really figured it out but it eventually worked its way through. I haven't compared its quality directly against any current 1080p projectors, but I am very pleased with the look and versatility during installation. Also might be the smallest "high performance" 1080p projector I've come across.

Review by All Boy

I have had this projector installed in my basement (the coolest area in the house) for a little over a year now. It is ceiling mounted with a Benq mount and projects onto a 115" screen. I live at about 6800', so I've enabled the High Altitude mode since I first set it up. This significantly increases the fan noise, but usually it isn't too distracting. The picture is fairly sharp, bright and colors are good right out of the box. No significant issues with the picture and I've never felt much desire to have it professionally calibrated or to spend hours tweaking the picture. If pushed, I would say that my previous projector (Panasonic PT-AR100U) was a touch more natural although that projector was more expensive and physically larger. So, picture-wise, this is a pretty good deal IMHO. The reason that my rating is so low is because I've been plagued with overheating issues. The projector initially started overheating and shutting down a couple months after installation. I went online and worked with a Benq technician who helped me reset the projector. It worked for a couple of weeks, before it started overheating again. Eventually, I sent it back to Benq. They turned it around in a reasonable amount of time, but I got ZERO feedback on what they might have done (or not done) to it, which is frustrating. When I reinstalled it, I reduced the bulb power option to "Economical" and the problem went away for several months. But, it came back. I've had it shut down during the summer and winter and I keep the thermostat (which is upstairs) at 68 degrees, so this is not about ambient temperature. The fans continue to operate until the projector shuts down, so they aren't to blame. A bulb problem should have reappeared immediately when I got it back. I'm not sure if the projector knows that I've been talking bad about it, but it has suddenly gotten shutdown happy. I've only got 1600 hours on the bulb. I tried using the ecosmart power setting and the projector shutdown after only 10 minutes. Economical is the only setting I've had any luck with watching for extended periods.

Any Problems: Fr4equent overheating and shutting down. This product does not meet the standard of merchantability.

Review by Daniel Almeida

Really good image, very good black and contrast for the price, accurate colors, very sharp. Due to a poorly sealed light engine, 1 month after purchase, my projector developed dust blobs, with less than 40 hours on the lamp.

Any Problems: Light engine not sealed, dust blobs after one month, less than 40 hours, large white circles on the image.

Review by Marzen

Overall this is a good buy in this price range. I compared this to a neighbors sub $1K Epson and didn't see any real difference in contrast. So if you're thinking going DLP will yield better contrast I wouldn't let that be my deciding factor when choosing this over an LC unit.

Any Problems: No one ever mentions the large amount of light bleed coming from the front cooling vents. It travels across the ceiling and ends up spotting on a wall about 8 feet to the left edge of my screen as well as along the ceiling. My ceiling is now flat black and the walls are dark too so it's a lot less noticeable, but a disappointing omission none the less.

Review by anh

do not buy globe dies early warrenty on globe on 750 hrs not the advertised hrs of at least 3500

Any Problems: do not buy globe dies early warrenty on globe on 750 hrs not the advertised hrs of at least 3500

Review by Koros

I purchased this projector recently (I've been an owner for 3 months). I got it on sale, I've been looking for projectors in a much higher price point but once I found this I was swayed to spend more in other areas. This projector has an excellent image quality. The darks are dark and the colors are very vibrant. I have it set up at it's maximum throw distance in a large room which gives me a HUGE picture and its very clear and crisp. While it says that daytime viewing isn't an issue I would disagree. The ambient light needs to be pretty low to keep the visuals good. The value in this projector is all the features allowing it to conform to the room, instead of having a pre defined space, this thing sets up perfectly with the menu options and it's ability to shift the lens. Perfect starting projector for someone interested in a home entertainment system on a budget.

Any Problems: The on board speaker isn't useful, yes it provides sound, no it isn't good. Yes I expected the sound to be bad. Buy a small Bose.

Review by ED

My first projector and it was eye opening. Opened up a new love and appreciation for the film arts. Can be finicky and challenging to get through a proper setup like positioning, screen placement, cables etc. Patience is rewarded. Love the projector for color and sharpness of image. 3D is very good. Highly recommend!

Any Problems: I got several units that failed due to faulty remote controls. They were exchanged. The unit I have now has worked flawlessly for many months now.

Review by Naveen

This is my first projector purchased after a lot of research. I was wavering between this and the Epson 3020. All the positive reviews here are spot on and a major influencing factor for me to go ahead with it. After setting it up in my media room at 13 feet projecting on to a 120" screen, I am so glad that I chose this product. The picture is decent even with all lights on in the room and that too in eco mode. True, I don't have anything to compare the picture quality to, but, I am very satisfied how crisp the picture looks whether it is sports or an action sequence from a movie. The sound on this is a good 10W max and great when not using home theater. I haven't noticed any rainbow effects probably because I am not susceptible to it. The fan is barely audible even when standing right under it. Overall, a fantastic first projector for me and an amazing value for the price. Used with a Benq universal ceiling mount. Have had it for a couple weeks now and there are no complaints whatsoever. If you are in the market for a projector and this is your price range, you wont regret buying it..

Review by Peter_White

Great value for money. Excellent image quality on 100'' screen (white wall painted with Screen Goo paint and black borders). Low noise In Eco Mode (mounted on ceiling, 3m from viewing point). 2xHDMI + D-Sub + Component inputs making possible to connect four FullHD video sources.

Any Problems: After month of using it - none.

Review by Vidizzo

I'm blown away by this projector. I feel like I ripped someone off with the price I paid for this. I have it projected to a 138 inch screen and the picture is perfect from 13.6 feet back. Can't hardly hear the fan blowing from the projector. 2 HDMI's!!!! NICE. This is the one to buy. This BenQ is better than some of the 3000.00 or 4000.00 projectors. Don't blow your money on expensive projectors when you could get this one for a fraction of the cost.

Review by Thomas

Using this projector in my basement with blinds that block out most light, it is a perfect replacement for any TV. I've had it running for alost 3 months now with no problems, aside from the PS3's HDMI lost sync, but that's not the projectors problem(A noise filter on the power line should fix the PS3's problem). Quiet, Bright, Sharp and very cost effective. Right now, it's wall mounted upside down, but I will soon ceiling mount on the projection wall I will build and paint using the review on this site.

Any Problems: Power cord very short (<3') for such a great projector.

Review by 3d-games

3D-gamers (ps3) beware of DLP-link and losing sync within 9 feet of the screen. I bought this projector solely for 3d-gaming on my ps3 and xbox360 and now wish that someone would have mentioned the fragility with 3d games (720 p at 60 frames). It loses sync if you are closer than 8-9 feet from the screen. I have tried two separate new projectors and three new BenQ glasses and five different HDMI cables and the problems persist. So, if you plan to play 3d on a ps3 within a confined space do not buy this projector! The 3d is fantastic with 1080p films though (at 24 frames). Regardless of distance to the screen. 2d is also good for a budget projector, though nothing compared to the higher contrast projectors.

Any Problems: 3d gaming on ps3 (720p at 60 frames) is unplayable closer than approximately 8 feet because of loosing sync after a few minutes and often within 30-40 seconds. If you are not sitting that close, it's great though.

Review by manas

No better deal in this range, infact it competes with higher range projectors. I highly recommend. So far, I have used it without screen and found it incredible, I wonder how it's performance would be on a high end (black diamond) screen.

Any Problems: No issues so far.

Review by solublepeter

Fantastic picture. Good, bright, contrasty, but natural picture. No visible rainbow effect. Limited lens shift adjustment (but better than most budget DLPs, which don't have any) Need to invest in a bigger screen next, as its a wider throw than my previous PJ. Very impressed

Review by Drumstix

This is my 2nd projector. I have close to 2000 hrs on it. I'm thrilled with it. The Pic. is bright and clear. It was extremely easy to set up. I cannot imagine any projectors in this price catagory that come close to this unit. The colors are brite and true. The lamp is still perfect after 2000 hrs. The only fault I found with this unit was some lamp leakage on the ceiling which is not uncommon for low end DLP projectors. It was a quick fix with a home made shield. Also, BenQ's customer service leaves much to be desired.However, I love this projector and Recommend it. Big bang for the buck...Good Luck.

Review by bjojoi

Hard to review Reliability as it is brand new. Quality compared to price seems amazing to me. 3D is not tested, but 2D seems very good.