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Canon LV-S3 User Reviews

Canon LV-S3 Projector

Canon LV-S3

SVGA (800x600), 1250 ANSI Lumens,
4.9 lbs, $1,299 (MSRP)
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4.6 out of 5
11 User Ratings
Image Quality 4.8
Features 4.7
Construction 4.4
Ease of Use 4.4
Reliability 4.6
Value for Money 4.6

User Reviews

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Review by J.J

I have had this pro for about 5 mths now and haven't had any problems.This is my first projector and is setup in my home theatre room.When I first got it, I was playing every movie in widescreen mode and I could notice SDE when image size was 80 inch and over.I have found that leaving it in normal mode has helped a lot in reducing SDE.Depending on what movie you are watching i.e 16:9,1:85 ,4:3 etc,will depend on how it shows on your screen when in normal mode.So you have to put up with the fact of watching it in 4:3 sometimes to get the best picture but mostly it is in rectangular shape when in normal mode. So you are probably thinking this doesn't sound to be real flash.Well I paid $780 aussie dollars brand new and I am absolutely happy.I would rate PQ to be on par with DLP R/P and I would say that it would impress most people.I even watch the football thru this pro WITHOUT a set top box,just running thru my vcr and picture is still quite good. I have pro running in eco mode and still plenty bright enough.All in all u cant beat it for bang for the buck

Review by Fernando

I´ve lived a very bad experience with this proyector becouse the first time y purchased it, some parts fail and it doesent tur on again, becose of that I went to the store to change it, and the second one also fail, an in this moment is damage

Any Problems: The worst quality ever seen by me

Review by johnsgm

I picked this up new/refurbed with a 3 year warranty for $569. And it is just unbelieveable. Wonderful High Def image from the cable box and the dvd. My kids Gamecube even looks great.

Any Problems: The packed the wrong power cord. Thats it. Everything else looks and works GREAT

Review by Chris

I did a lot of research prior to choosing this model. It has all of the features of some of the more expensive "home theater" projectors at a fraction of the cost. It has the ability to adjust each color vice all three in general. Furthermore, it allows for gamma correction. Overall, I would recommend this projector in a heartbeat. I am using a 100" Panoview, 1.0 gain, white screen resulting in outstanding video and gaming picture. At less than a thousand bucks, you can't go wrong. It also has a three year manufacturers warranty, and with a name like Canon behind it, you can't go wrong.

Any Problems: 1.The picture at Canon's website shows the back as having a component input built in. It does not, it does come with the VGA/Component adpater though. This creates a problem of hooking a computer and DVD/XBOX at the same time. 2.No PIP capability, therefore I can't surf the web and watch a movie at the same time. (see comment above) 3.The default cinema settings for the projector are not the greatest. If you adjust it, it will save your settings, great, but if you switch to say the XBOX, you have to adjust it again, and there is only one saved custom setting. Minor incovenience.

Review by csaba

I`ve been using this unit for 1 month now, switched from dlp, and it was a great decision. Problem with the dlp-s /I had a 800x600 LG is a great unit/ is the rainbow, and you cannot know if your eyes are sensitive for it or no. LCD does not have this problem. Screendoor - I do not see at my Canon, res is 800x600 and gives great image, like in cinema. However if I am watching pictures from my digicam on big screen /80 inch/ I can see a little the LCD squares, isn`t really disturbing, but during watching movies everything is perfect. I was reading lot`s of rewievs, and decided If I will have the money I will go for an XGA res. LCD, but if you want a projector under 1000$, this is a very good choice.

Any Problems: Not really problems, but body could be some metal alloy.

Review by Vince

now - why would anyone even think of a Benq which does not even give you Hi-Def output ,, this canon even comes with the RGB - component cable and the quality is par excellence... go for this and nothing else... I did not see any Artifacts or even any so called rainbow effect, this projector must be the top buy for home theater people....

Any Problems: NONE

Review by Matthew M

I was amazed at the quality of DVD Movies even during the day, superb colours/sharpness I have owned a toshiba 1024 x 768 800ANSI projector in the past, but was very impressed when the canon showed a much more enjoyable higher quality image...

Review by Karl

Simply outstanding is this Canon LV-S3 projector. I use it in conjunction with a HP 7000 notebook to teach Photography via powerpoint. The class size is 20-30 students. Since image quality is critical, I use my own unit in order to have control over my presentation.

Any Problems: The Keystone function stopped. Canon e-mail support is outstanding. I had to reset the internal menu to factory defaults - and everything worked again. The instruction manual troubleshooting section needs to be expanded...

Review by Steve-O

Somewhat lacking in contrast but typical of a projector in this price range. Just amazing colours. Beautiful image and smooth animation. Somewhat tricky to setup if flipping between resolutions. Outstanding enclosure, very nicely made. A 5-star value.

Any Problems: Some difficulty with synch--at 800 x 600 auto synch could put the image off to one side, but when the image is stored, 640 x 480 doesn't work. Best solution is to leave it on Auto and hit "auto synch" if image is off.

Review by Marcel

Perfect image quality, best screen 1.80 X 1.80 Prices in Holland 950 euro DVD to projector with cable scart-VGA component, give the results Best result with lamp mode:lower britness lamp 952 ANSI Lumens for the best contrast

Review by sharmila

Excellent image quality.very good brightness.Colors are very good for movie watchingand it is very light weight to uses best technology and i am happy with the resolution