As a leader in molecular biology studies, the Benaroya Research Institute (BRI) at Virginia Mason Medical Center in Seattle is a place where details are crucial. Studying the microscopic make-up of the immune system for possible causes and cures for devastating diseases, including diabetes, arthritis, heart disease and cancer, requires careful observation. Conveying the findings of that research requires an equally sharp picture and precise color imaging in order to present it for large-screen study.

With these priorities in mind, BRI chose the REALiS SX6 Multimedia Projector from Canon U.S.A., Inc. to provide high-quality images for its research presentations. The Canon REALiS SX6 Multimedia Projector's color matching technology, excellent contrast ratio, and SXGA+ (1400 x 1050) resolution provide the performance necessary for communicating the results of research experiments that rely heavily on accurate color. "Some of the images in our presentations are taken directly from experiments," explained Eric Swanson, IT manager at BRI. "The critical factor is that the colors and contrast carry a lot of information."

Canon's REALiS SX6 Multimedia Projector meets this challenge by offering outstanding color reproduction with its Adobe RGB Color Match System. A special RGB color filter on the REALiS SX6 Multimedia Projector enables virtually accurate Adobe RGB color, as well as sRGB, which is used by professionals for critical color matching applications. Canon's REALiS SX6 Multimedia Projector enables users to project still or motion images with clarity and color accuracy.

The key to Canon's REALiS Multimedia Projector line is the Company's proprietary Aspectual Illumination System (AISYS) optical system, which maximizes the next-generation Liquid Crystal on Silicon (LCOS) display technology each REALiS uses to produce its images. LCOS technology produces lattice-free, rich-color pictures at high resolution. Canon's AISYS enhances LCOS technology to achieve crisp, color-rich, intricately detailed motion or still images by efficiently utilizing and equalizing light from the projector lamp. The Canon REALiS SX6 Multimedia Projector outputs 3500 ANSI Lumens at a contrast ratio of 1000:1.

The Importance of Color
BRI's research often uses confocal and/or fluorescence microscopy, both of which exploit the properties of fluorescent molecules. Fluorescence is a property of some molecules in which light of one color is absorbed and then emitted as light of a different color. The detection of this light is the basis of both fluorescence and confocal microscopy. When displaying research that relies so heavily on colors, the color accuracy and combination was an integral part of Swanson's decision to purchase two Canon REALiS SX6 Multimedia Projectors for BRI's needs.

"We looked at several projectors, and the problem we had with a number of other models is that certain combinations of colors didn't seem to resolve very well," said Swanson. "With the other projectors we tested, all the reds looked the same, and given all the different possibilities of reds, that was troublesome. It was really the color and the contrast that set the Canon apart from the others."

The wide variety of input interfaces built into the Canon REALiS SX6 Multimedia Projector contributed to Swanson's purchase decision as well. "Canon gave us the choice of either a conventional VGA or a digital feed," said Swanson. "Looking towards the future, we believe we'll be seeing more laptops with digital video available, so it was nice to have that feature available at a minimal cost."

Canon's REALiS SX6, SX60, and X600 models feature a variety of analog component input interfaces and an HDCP Compliant DVI-I terminal. An Auto Set-Up function instantly identifies and selects the input source, corrects keystone distortion (up to +/ - 20 degrees vertical), sharpens focus, and adjusts for wall color. REALiS Multimedia Projectors also include: a 1.7x powered Canon zoom lens to increase the range of projector placement; "Off and Go mode," which features an internal fan that continues to cool the projector even after users unplug the power cord at the conclusion of a presentation; and motion adaptive IP conversion and a "Film Mode" (2-3 pull-down) display.

"The REALiS SX6 Multimedia Projector's improved display did not go unnoticed by the research scientists at BRI," Swanson recalled. "There was a big difference. Most of the comments I have gotten back from the scientists referred to just that. They thought it was much better than projectors they had seen in the past."

The quiet operation of the Canon REALiS SX6 Multimedia Projector also was a factor for BRI. The projector operates at 31dB in Quiet Mode, and even its regular operating level of 35dB met with Swanson's approval. "It is quiet, even in regular mode," Swanson declared. "Having a quiet projector was an important consideration. The room isn't very big, and people like to have conversations without raising their voices."

When comparing the various projectors, Swanson noticed that the Canon REALiS SX6 Multimedia Projector was not only meeting and exceeding his standards, but at an MSRP of $6,999 was outperforming models that were more than double the price. "Even if all the models had been the same price, the REALiS would have won," Swanson declared. "On absolute performance, the Canon model actually beat models that were around $15,000. To get a better projector, you would have to go up to the high-end, which would probably be around $30,000."

"I'd rate the Canon REALiS as 'very good,' " Swanson concluded. When compared with other projectors, Swanson added, "The resolution is better, the contrast is much better, and the avoidance of color saturation was even better still, so we're happy with our investment."

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