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Casio XJ-A240 User Reviews

Casio XJ-A240 Projector

Casio XJ-A240

WXGA (1280x800), 2500 ANSI Lumens,
5.0 lbs, $1,099 (MSRP)
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3.8 out of 5
7 User Ratings
Image Quality 3.9
Features 3.4
Construction 4.0
Ease of Use 4.0
Reliability 3.7
Value for Money 3.9

User Reviews

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Review by edson bezerra

Projector very loud, almost impossible to use it at its maximum brightness, my only used in Eco-Mode 2 because of the annoying noise. The image also fall short in putting two EcoMode maximum brightness was good but the noise pareia misses a very high vacuum, poor disturbed the meeting.

Any Problems: Besides the disappointment in how best to use because of noise, with only 10 hours of use the projector and the image problem presented now with 15 hours is practically impossible due to the problem using the DLP chip which appeared in hundreds of white dots and black and hourly usage appears more and more. I contacted user support and reported the problem, I'm from Brazil and I bought this projector casio in the U.S. said that the guarantee is only valid for the country of purchase. I think it's absurd because the company has the same name worldwide and is present in Brazil, then in each country should have a different name, spent between product value and tax and shipping $ U $ 2150.00 to last only 10 hours and have no support from the manufacturer. Absurd, numca buy anything more from Casio.

Review by Bryant

Had about a month, replaced an old SharpVision xv-z9000u, very happy very bright can even watch during the day. Awesome Quailty with PS3 & Blu-ray

Any Problems: Fan A little loud on "normal mode" very acceptable at eco 1 or eco 2

Review by twknox

I have to admit, I was quite skeptical of this projector. I mean 2500 lumen from a 20k+ hour light source for under $1000? I researched and finally purchased this model to replace my aging Toshiba TDP-T45 DLP Projector. I was just tired of replacing the lamps every couple thousand hours. Well the unit arrived, extremely slim and quite attractive compared to it's bulky counterpart. I sat it up on a table to play with it, turned it on and BAM! The color and brightness was amazing! It was so bright projecting from 10' to the screen that I felt like the images were going to be burned into my retinas. Along with this though came the sound, like a small turbine, of the cooling. The projector in default mode was just a tad (I'd guess 10db) louder than the Toshiba. After going through the quite easy to maneuver menus I changed it to first eco mode 1 then to eco mode 2 which reduced the brightness by a small amount, and the noise by a significant amount. In eco mode 2, even under low ambient lighting the image is quite bright and clear with quite acceptable picture. The fan noise in eco 2 is also quite acceptable, and once I mounted it on the ceiling almost unnoticeable. I am debating between running in eco 2, or eco 1 on a more permanent basis but the settings are quite easy to change between. I am quite happy with the projector and must give Casio the kudos they deserve for producing such a well made and inexpensive LED/hybrid projector.

Any Problems: Out of the box, the colors were not true, but after a little fiddling, and the use of my color charts I had it projecting with very nice colors on my custom painted screen. The only "scare" I had was when I had it setting on the table it once went into "overheat" mode (all red lights flashing). After determining what the mode was from the manual I realized that one of the vents was partially obstructed. I have not seen the overheating issue once I ceiling mounted it. The only other issue I saw was when I went from eco to normal mode to show a friend the brightest, it lost hdmi signal. It didn't do it but once, and it required me power cycling my uverse cable box to remedy this, so it may have been an issue there.

Review by ackjack

Nice and bright, good image that gets big fast thanks to the optical zoom and wide throw. I'm racking up hundred of hours with zero worries thanks to the laser light engine.

Review by Fernando

Translated to English - Exelente proyector se ve muy bien, los negros son negros, recomendable para el que usa mucho el proyector, para ver peliculas se ven realmente muy bien Google Translation - Your Experience: Great projector looks very good, blacks are black, recommended for long using the projector to watch movies are really good

Any Problems: Pocas conexiones Few connections

Review by Remberto

I have a Power Mac and in the homepage, in tech specifications CASIO does not prevent MAC users they don't support us!!!! I just spent over a 1,000 Euros on a machine I cannot use! Projector Central note - another user says it works fine with his power Mac.

Any Problems: I have a Power Mac and in the homepage, in tech specifications CASIO does not prevent MAC users they don't support us!!!! I just spent over a 1,000 Euros on a machine I cannot use!

Review by MarkW

I bought this projector for home theatre use. It replaced my NECLT260 which had been a good projector and I'd been happy with for watching DVD's and HD (720p) movies on cable. Now with the addition of Bluray to my home theatre set up, I wanted 1080p capability, and, quite frankly, the idea of not replacing lamps every 8 months was a big attraction. The image quality and colours in this new Casio are superior to the NEC. The use of the hybrid laser and LED system does seem to produce better colour depth than the NEC. The increase in image quality I would put down to the Casio being a true 16:9 projector, as opposed to running the NEC in 16:9 mode. Not having a traditional projector lamp light having to pass through a spinning colour wheel on DLP projectors also seems to have eliminated the rainbow effect, which I must add I had to go to a lot of effect to even detect on the NEC. On the Casio, which is using 3 different colours sources, blue and green from the laser, and red from the LED, rather than a single colour lamp and a spinning colour wheel, seems to have removed, or at least, made the rainbow effect undetectable to me now. My projector is used with a 14ft wide screen, and in a dark room. Even on the lowest 'eco 2' setting, the light was so bright on the screen, you could read a book by it. Which is good, because at full brightness setting, the fan in the projector is quite noisy. However, on the 'eco 2' setting, the fan is nothing more than a whisper. Overall, if you want a heavy use, home theatre projector, that will last like the older crt projectors, this projector is ideal. You'll get many years of use from it, without having to buy new lamps for it over and over again. The cost savings from not having to replace lamps alone is enough to justify this projector. The quality of the image and brightness, and depth of the colours, makes it the perfect choice for any home theatre set up.

Any Problems: If you want to use this project during the day, in full sunlight, and you turn the 'economy mode' off to get full brightness from the projector, then the fan is a little noisy. When set to 'eco 1', then fan noise was a little quieter than my old NECLT260 in economy mode. When set to 'eco 2' the fan was nothing but a whisper. I might add though, that even on the 'eco 2' setting, this projector was brighter than my NEC even when it was not using economy mode at all.