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Christie Roadster HD18K Projector Christie Roadster HD18K
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2000:1 Contrast Ratio
17500 Lumens
135.0 lbs
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Holiday Tradition Brings Art, Projection Technology and Communities together

Throughout the month of December 2008, 35 cities worldwide presented "Unsilent Night" to bring music, art, lights and communities together to celebrate the holidays, each in their own unique way. In Cambridge, Ontario, the one-of-a-kind event brought technology into the mix. Featured were still and interactive images, videos and lights enhanced by music tracks, composed by artist Phil Kline and played through portable players carried by the audience.

Christie Digital Systems partnered with University of Waterloo Architecture Cambridge students to present the complete multi-media performance that the audience viewed as they walked through the streets of historic downtown Cambridge. In addition, cameras were used in store fronts aimed at people passing by, allowing them to become part of the display.This harmonious combination of sound and illumination was the first of its kind in any of the worldwide demonstrations of Unsilent Night. Organizers utilized two (2) Christie Roadster HD18K powerful, bright projectors with built-in edge blending capabilities and two (2) Christie Roadster HD12K image color accuracy and adjustability in an easy-to-use, flexible package. The edge-blended displays projected across the Grand River onto a wall and the stacked projectors cast serene, winter images on the walls of Historic City Hall.

"Bringing this event to the community couldn't have happened without our partnerships. Unsilent Night provides us with a unique opportunity to tap into the local talents of the students at Waterloo Architecture Cambridge, and to showcase projection technology that a world leader like Christie has to offer," said Cambridge Mayor Doug Craig.

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