DAU is a best-in-class corporate university for the Defense Acquisition Workforce. The university provides formal courses and continuous learning modules for acquisition professionals. These learning assets are designed to provide civilian and military professionals with the knowledge sharing and consulting skills to help them develop and manage acquisition programs, projects and systems specific to the needs of the US Armed Forces throughout the world. All Department of Defense and Uniformed Service acquisition employees are eligible to attend DAU classes. In a typical fiscal year, nearly 36,000 students graduate in various areas of study related to acquisition. The university has been voted No.1 in Leadership Development by Executive Excellence Publishing consecutively from 2005 to 2007. DAU strives to continually find new and innovative ways to achieve higher levels of learning for the Defense Acquisition Workforce.

Utilizing all types of media and cutting-edge technology, DAU is always striving to discover new techniques to reach these adult students. The challenge The long term objective for the Video Services team at DAU is to offer the faculty trainers the most up-to-date Audio Visual (AV) equipment. "Technology is changing so rapidly these days and there are so many options available. In regards to AV, the main concern for instructors is the ability to display their message to the students in high resolution quality. One key to these expectations is the dependability and performance of the display medium," says Michael Skaines, Deputy Director of Video Services at DAU.

By working with Christie, the DAU Video Services team has come to expect high-quality, dependable products. A level of trust has developed between DAU and Christie. There have been increasing needs for what DAU calls TriZenter classrooms. These unique installations include an extra wide screen so presentations can be broken into three sections. Using three ceiling-mounted single chip DLP® projectors, this system enables instructors to split their content across the screen and then demonstrate multiple presentations with intricate detail.

The Christie line of single chip DLP® projectors has provided the DAU team with the flexibility to set up four of these special classrooms with plans for future expansion. The Vista Spyder also has been a beneficial tool for dynamically blending multiple images across the screen.

DAU plays host to many high level military meetings and briefings, of both national and international significance. The Packard Conference Center offers additional adjacent meeting and ceremony facilities. Two Christie HD6K projectors and the Spyder are used to blend images across a 20' screen to make a strong impression with visitors and to provide quality presentation capabilities to meet their needs.

Working with a company you can trust - DAU has come to count on Christie for high quality reliable products and superior technical product support. Dependable performance - the Video Services team understands that by installing Christie projectors they have the confidence that DAU instructors will be able to use the projectors every day in every class. Projector downtime can be very disruptive and cause delays in completing the lesson. Equipment reliability is very important on a day-to-day, classby- class basis.

Up-to-date technology - Instructors expect high quality, easy-to-use, integrated projection solutions to enhance the teaching process. "A good, comprehensive warranty is critical for us. We need to know that our equipment is protected," concludes Skaines.

For more detailed specifications and connections, check out our Christie HD6K projector page.