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Christie LW41 Projector Christie LW41
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2000:1 Contrast Ratio
4000 Lumens
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Christie LW41: Bright, High Quality, Widescreen Conference Room Projector

Marc Davidson, December 5, 2012

Test Results and Connectivity

Bright image with a wide range of brightness levels. Using the LW41's brightest preset and full wide angle setting for the lens, I measured the brightness at 3511 lumens, a solid 88% of the 4000 lumen rating. Other presets ranged as low as 2184 lumens for Whiteboard mode, with most falling between 2868 lumens and 3500 lumens. The zoom setting drops the brightness noticeably, but less than you might expect, to 2816 lumens with the brightest preset at the full telephoto setting.

For smaller screen sizes or lower levels of ambient light, Eco mode lowers the brightness significantly. With the brightest preset and full wide angle setting, I measured it at 2177 lumens, a 38% drop.

Excellent brightness uniformity. The LW41 also scored well on brightness uniformity, although not as well as the 85% score would suggest. The shading from the brightest area in the center to slightly cool spots in the corners changed over a short enough distance to be noticeable with a solid white screen. However, the difference was impossible to see with the screen broken up by text or graphics.

Extensive connectivity choices. The back panel includes just about any connector you're likely to need:


1 set of 5 BNC (for RGB or component)

1 VGA IN (for RGB or component)

1 3-RCA component

1 S-video

1 RCA composite

1 USB A (for directly reading files from USB

1 VGA OUT (monitor loop-through)

1 USB B (settable for direct USB display or mouse control from remote)

1 LAN (for image data and network control)

2 Stereo mini plugs (can set to pair with any video input)

1 RCA stereo IN (can set to pair with any video input)

1 Microphone mini plug input

1 RCA stereo OUT

1 RS-232 (for external control)

1 mini plug for wired remote control

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Nguyen Huong Tien Posted Dec 5, 2012 3:19 PM PST
we are interested in brand projector Christie LW41: Bright, High Quality, Widescreen Conference Room Projector.We hope to receive feedback from your company. Thanks and best regards

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