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Compaq MP1400 User Reviews

Compaq MP1400 Projector

Compaq MP1400

SVGA (800x600), 800 ANSI Lumens,
4.2 lbs, $2,999 (MSRP)
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4.8 out of 5
3 User Ratings
Image Quality 5.0
Features 4.7
Construction 4.7
Ease of Use 5.0
Reliability 4.7
Value for Money 4.7

User Reviews

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Review by cdrive

I frequently attach the projector to my desktop which has a built-in TV Tuner card and DVD Player so I can watch TV as well as DVD and DivX movies. I have setup my room extermely well, projecting it on my wall when watching films. I have a THX 5-speaker 3D surround professional sound system connected to my Creative Live 1024 soundcard and gives a monsterous cinema effect. I used to have the ASK A6+ with the same brightness of 800 Ansi-Lumens and find this Compaq much much better. In fact I can watch almost perfectly with my curtains open during broad daylight. I hope to use this for a very long time though the est. lamp life is just 1000 hours which I feel is a little short.

Review by BOB

It was SOOOO AMAZING when i hooked my laptop up to it and played a dvd! Unfortunatly it doesnt have composite input with out the expensive attachment which i went ahead and bought. The quality of composite was nice but compaired to the dvd through vga it doesnt match. I think im gonna buy a line doubler for the composite. It was alot brighter than i expected and i was super happy with the contrast. My family all said it looks like youre in the movie theatre.

Any Problems: It gives off alot of heat. The image cant be zoomed to be bigger, just zoomed in and out litterally. Short bulb life. No stock composite and s video port.

Review by jon doe

being my 1st projector i find it the best ever its especially good for films off my laptop couple that with a surround sound rig better than going to any cinema and cheaper as well