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Custom Display Solutions HoloVue Screen

The HoloVueTM (HVUTM) is a single element, diffusive projection screen designed for use with a single projector to create an apparently three-dimensional, “holographic” image. For use in almost any environment, HVUTM’s unique properties allow a projected image to virtually “float” in space, enabling the viewer to both resolve the image as well as see through it. Beyond the interesting “holographic” effect, HoloVueTM maximizes information display area with the projection of large images directly in front of otherwise obscured subjects.

Available in sizes up to 108” x 240”, the perceived 3D depth created by HoloVueTM is derived from diffractive instead of stereoscopic technology, thereby eliminating the need for expensive “time sequential stereographic” or even simpler polarizing equipment (glasses, etc.) and processes.

HoloVueTM is a simple, cost effective way to display projected information with a seemingly holographic effect. HoloVueTM also available in varying degrees of opacity, to suit your particular display needs and the technology is not “projector angle dependent,” which makes projector placement very flexible. Big, bright, holographic looking images with today’s most common projectors. Optimize your “floating image” display needs by specifying Custom Display Solution’s HoloVueTM for your application.

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Eastporters Audio Video
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