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Custom Display Solutions
Custom Display Solutions VistaPlex 130

Where to Buy
Custom Display Solutions VistaPlex 130

Custom Display Solutions VistaPlex 130 - Click to purchase this screen from this merchant.

Custom Display Solutions VistaPlex 130 - Click to purchase this screen from this merchant.

Custom Display Solutions VistaPlex 130 Screen
The VistaPlex 130TM (VPX 130TM) from Custom Display Solutions represents the finest in flow-coated, rear screen diffusion technology. The VPX 130TM Rear Screen is comprised of “rare earth” micro-alloys suspended in a proprietary mixture that is meticulously applied to acrylic substrates of the finest optical quality. The VPX 130TM is an economical, high-resolution, neutral gray contrast rear projection screen, specifically formulated to make the most of large format, rear-projected images. Being of XY Axis Coat design, the VPX 130TM features great brightness uniformity and crisp image resolution, with a wide, conical viewing area.

Available in sizes up to 108” x 240”, the VistaPlex 130TM can be cut to any aspect ratio or shape to meet your particular application. With substrates ranging in thickness from 1/8” to 2.0” and thicker, the VPX 130TM can be used for both conventional boardrooms as well as special applications. Installed in a wall or suspended above a tradeshow floor, the VPX 130TM is one of the most versatile & economical rear screens on the market today.

VistaPlex 130TM is the result of years of R&D to come up with the perfect diffusion screen formulation for today’s budget-minded rear screen systems. For use with most contemporary projection systems, the VPX 130TM makes great images for a variety of applications. If you’re interested in a cost-effective rear screen that will make your projector shine, be sure to specify Custom Display Solution’s VistaPlex 130TM for your application.

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