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Custom Display Solutions VistaPlex HC15

This screen is out-of-production.
Custom Display Solutions VistaPlex HC15 Screen
The VistaPlex-HC15TM (VPX-HC15TM) from Custom Display Solutions is the latest in stateof- the-art, rear screen diffusion technology. The VPX-HC15TM is a high-resolution, superhigh contrast, rear projection screen, specifically designed to optimize the performance of today’s brighter projection systems. The VPX-HC15TM renders projected images with amazing color and contrast, with exceptional resolution for close quarters viewing. Being of XY Axis, curtain-coated design, the VPX-HC15TM features high contrast, with superior off-axis viewing and brightness uniformity, without the “double imaging” artifacts of much more expensive, Fresnel/Lenticular optical screens. The VPX-HC15TM has a wide, viewing cone, so your brilliant display may be easily resolved from any vantage point in the room.

Available in sizes up to 9’-0” x 18’-0”, the VistaPlex-HC15TM supports both long and short focal length projector lensing. A proprietary, anti-glare finish all but eliminates glare from competing ambient light sources and the high contrast formulation ensures solid, highimpact images even in well-lit environments.

VistaPlex-HC15TM represents the cutting edge of what rear screen diffusion technology has to offer today. Big, powerful images that effectively harness the high output of today’s projectors, by improving the contrast ratios of even the best systems. So if you’re interested in optimizing your rear projection system with the best diffusion technology available today, be sure to specify Display Solution’s VistaPlex-HC15TM for your application.

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