Da Lite Tensioned Advantage SightLine
Da-Lite's Tensioned Advantage with SightLine

Screen height placement is of utmost importance in any projection system installation. And to get that distance right, screen companies include black drop—black material above the screen to put the proper distance between the housing and top of the screen. Da-Lite has released a more aesthetically pleasing and installation-flexible solution with SightLine.

SightLine replaces the black drop with three or four (depending on the screen size) aircraft-grade cables that each measure only 1 mm thick. Visually it gives the impression that the screen is floating in the air, and practically it opens up the space above the screen that would previously have been blocked by black drop for speaker or camera placement.

Black drop is usually custom made for the installation, based upon the exact measurements of the location and necessary screen height. Da-Lite's SightLine accommodates drops of up to 70 inches, freeing up the vertical placement of the screen, and allowing for future adjustment as long as screen positioning falls within that 70-inch window.

The SightLine suspension system is available with Da-Lite's Tensioned Advantage— for 16:9 screen sizes up to 177 inches diagonal or 16:10 screens up to a 182-inch diagonal—and Advantage screens, up to 184-inch diagonal in 16:9 aspect ratio and 189 inches in 16:10. They are both ceiling-recessed electric screens and can be installed in two stages—the case during rough-in construction and the screen surface assembly during the finishing stage.

Da Lite SightLine lifestyle

Tensioned Advantage is available with a selection of high resolution and ambient light rejecting (ALR) screen materials, while Advantage uses standard resolution screen surfaces.


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