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Da-Lite Tensioned Horizon Electrol

This screen is out-of-production.
Da-Lite Tensioned Horizon Electrol Screen
Excellent for video projection applications. Same great features as our Horizon Electrol screen except screen is tensioned for an extra flat surface for optimum image quality when using video or data projection. Tab guide cable system maintains even lateral tension to hold surface flat while custom slat bar with added weight maintains vertical tension. Unique "step-back" masking design eliminates shadows.

  Format - AV (1:1)
Viewable Size
(h x w)
Diagonal Da-Mat High Contrast Da-Mat High Contrast Cinema Vision Pearlescent Da-View Da-Tex
106" x 142" 177"
  Format - NTSC Video (4:3)
Viewable Size
(h x w)
Diagonal Da-Mat High Contrast Da-Mat Cinema Vision High Contrast Cinema Vision Pearlescent Audio Vision High Contrast Cinema Perf High Contrast Audio Vision Da-View Da-Tex
43" x 57" 71"
50" x 67" 84"
60" x 80" 100"
69" x 92" 115"
87" x 116" 145"      

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